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ARCHERY FAIR 2015 in Wels Austria

Januar 26, 2015 By: Uwe Tesch Category: Allgemein

Austria’s largest archery fair in Wels

Again Wels will be the place to be for many archers from 7th to 8th February, 2015. Both professionals and interested beginners will find interesting offers in the exhibition area. The tailor-made social program provides helpful tips and information.

The archery fair scores with many highlights, including the unique archery cinema where archers can test their marksmanship for free all day. Much skill will also be necessary in the ArcTrap – a trap shooting event. A special machine will hurl disks of 25 cm diameter in the air. With a recurve bow, these can then be shot by inquistive visitors. On the fair’s 3D course, adventurous visitors can test their skills in exciting hunting scenes. An indoor firing channel will also be available for practice tests. A special highlight this year will be the Kyudo show of “Steel City Dojo Linz”. The visitors will experience the art of Japanese archery up close.



Austrian Indoor Archery Championships 2015

For the first time, the Austrian Indoor Archery Championships 2015 in the disciplines recurve and compound, longbow, bare bow and instinctive bow in different age classes, will be part of the archery fair and the national champions will be determined. About 350 starters, among them the best in Austria, will have thrilling competitions. Competent moderation and interim results will offer visitors the opportunity to experience the excitement firsthand.

Expert guest at the archery fair

The conference center will constantly offer exciting presentations by experts from the archery scene. Henry Bodnik is going to reveal the secrets of the instinctive archery, Dietmar Vorderegger will explore  traditional archery, Urte Paul will offer a Sunday workshop on competition knowledge. More about  instinctive archery, its history and the roots of the sport will be revealed by Uwe P. Tesch.

(Link to the lecture program:

Coinciding with the archery fair, this year’s Fishing Festival will also take place in Wels.

 I see you!

10 years and no end

Januar 15, 2015 By: Henry Category: Allgemein

Monja Brunner has been with Bearpaw for ten years now!
Each and every individual member makes their contribution to the success of Bearpaw Products. In our philosophy, every member of the company is important and valuable. We attach great importance to an enduring and harmonical work relationship. There is almost no better way to affirm that than a 10 year jubilee!

Monja Brunner has accompanied the development of Bearpaw Products from its very beginnings und supported it at various points. She has contributed her own knowledge and skills, and put them at service for
Bearpaw Products. Many customers know her from personal contact either on the phone or per mail.

I’d also like to mention the fact that more than 10 years ago, Monja took part in the IFAA European championships in Scarlino (Italy) and won the silver medal in the class of female Bowhunters Recurve. This was a great performance and an unforgettable experience!

In the context of a small party, we honored Monja’s achievements, her contributions and her loyalty.
Thank you, Monja!
We are looking forward to a long continuation of the Bearpaw path with you!

Henry and Dorothea Bodnik
The whole Bearpaw Team

To Hell with Shipping Costs

Januar 02, 2015 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Bearpaw gets rid of shipping costs almost everywhere in Europe.

From 50 € order value upwards, shipping of your order will be free of charge in many European countries!
We want to simplify the field of postage and packing and will therefore send free of postage and shipping costs starting from quite a low contract value. Due to the very different postage structures within Europe, we have defined different minimum order values from which shipping, packing and forwarding costs will be eliminated. Please note that below that threshold value, charges for shipping differ strongly depending on the destination.

In Germany, starting from 50 € order value, there will be no more shipping, packing and forwarding costs!
We even deliver your 3D-targets free of charge!
Below the order value of 50 Euros, a fee of 4.50 € will be due in Germany.


There will be free shipping for orders of 50 € and more in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Monaco and Slovenia;
For delivery rates below 50 €, please refer to the linked postage table.
Postage Table

There will be free shipping available for orders of 80 € and more in Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Sweden, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Spain, Ireland, Romania, Portugal and Finland;
For delivery rates below 80 Euros, please refer to the enclosed postage table.
Postage Table

There will be free shipping available for orders of 150 € and more in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Norway, Greece and Cyprus;
For delivery rates below 150 Euros, please refer to the enclosed postage table.
Postage Table

There will be free shipping available for orders of 250 € and more in Malta, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Iceland;
For delivery rates below 250 Euros, please refer to the enclosed postage table.
Postage Table

Important information concerning free of charge dispatch in Europe:
Please note that for third countries shipping costs include customs clearance fees. Bank transaction costs (cash on delivery fees, credit card fees) will be charged separately and are not affected from the above changes. For binding thresholds and shipping costs please refer to the enclosed postage table. Shipping charges are automatically calculated for every single order. Please note that pooling of individual orders is not possible. You will not be able to enter additional items into orders which have alrady been placed.

A happy new year 2015

Dezember 31, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

The old year is almost over, we are starting into 2015 at full tilt!
We thank all our fans and customers of Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows, who have made us what we are today.

You have been simply great!
Thank you for a successful 2014!
Get well into the New Year and enjoy some hopefully free time in between the new and old years!

We wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2015!
Henry and Doro Bodnik with the Bearpaw Team

Watch Hannah Garth Shoot the Bearpaw Navajo

Dezember 28, 2014 By: Henry Category: Allgemein

It is fascinating to see how Hannah Garth shoots our Bearpaw recurve Navajo. In the days before the New Year, we would like to share this intriguing sight with you. Watch it and allow it to impress you. Karma Tales connects archery with yoga elements and opens up fascinating new possibilities specially in instinctive archery. Karma Tales is situated within sight of the Pacific Ocean in California. Enjoy the beautiful video with Hannah Garth from Karma Tales shooting the Bearpaw Navajo.

If you want to learn more about Karma Tales,check their website!

The way to Karma Tales

Karma Tales

First European game taken with a German Jager Broadhead

Dezember 26, 2014 By: Henry Category: Allgemein

Thanks to Gabriel Paquin from France sending us his pic! Congrats to your game taken with our new Bearpaw German Jager. First European game taken with a Bearpaw German Jager. Feel free to send us more pics s about your bowhunting experiance with products from Bearpaw!

German Jager game

Was ein Broadhead !……Schuss 20m, Pfeil 25m hinter dem Wild, 4 Sekunden Kill
“Es ist das Pfeil dass tötet, nicht der Bogen”
Great Great “German Jager” 145 gr (Gabrial Paquin)

We are publishing reports and pics about bowhunting only on our english languaged blog. We know that specially in central Europe a lot of people having problems with this kind of information. Bowhunting is an essential part of shooting bow and arrow. We are open minded to all different parts of shooting bow and arrow. If you enter our Bearpaw you agree to get information about bowhunting!

Bearpaw Christmas greetings

Dezember 22, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Dear Archery Friends,

An eventful year is coming to a close. This year has been very turbulent and filled with many great challenges for us at Bearpaw.
We have developed some great new bows that have repeatedly called our bowyers to work. Bodnik Bows Germany has grown rapidly this year.
Our new software and our new online shop required a lot of energy and will be continued to develop in the next few months.

It’s been enough for this year!

We are starting into the hopefully peaceful days at the end of this year …
Bearpaw Products will be closed from 19.12.2014 to 06.01.2015. Our shop will open again on 08.01.2015. You can call us again on the telephone from 07.01.2015 onwards.

We wish all our fans and customers of Bearpaw Products a great Christmas with plenty of rest and relaxation.
Enjoy the celebrations in the circle of your loved ones!

Henry and Doro Bodnik with the Bearpaw Team

The Winners of the German Jager Broadheads have been Determined

Dezember 14, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

First of all, we would like to thank you for the overwhelming response to our Facebook campaign “Spread and win a pack of 3 German Jager Broadheads free”.


The picture of our new broadhead was shared more than 1600 times all over the world. The interest for our new broadhead German Jager is huge!

The broadhead will be available in America at Kustom King Archery and Lancaster Archery. In Canada, Git r Done Archery will be selling the German Jager. We have already received inquiries from dealers and distributors from many other countries, so that we will be able to ensure that many bow hunters all over the world can get our new broadhead.

North American hunting and product experience in combination with our high German quality standards have created a great product!

The German Jager Broadhead
The new Bearpaw broadhead available in 125, 145 and 175 grs. weight

Henry Bodnik started this Facebook campaign 14 days ago spontanuously and about 14 and raffled off 10 packs with 3 pieces of German Jager broadheads!

Because of the strong turnout, he increased the number of winners to 15.

We accompanied the drawing of the winner with our camera and want to share this in a short viedeo with you! The list of winners will be shown at the end of our short video. Thus, it’ll be worthwhile to watch this short video to its end.

Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products congratulate all the winners!
Good luck & succes with your new broadheads!
We would be delighted if you sent us pictures and the story of your hunting success with the German Jager broadheads. Due to the sensitivity of our European customers we will post images and reviews about bow hunting only on our English blog (link).

Please send your postal address and the weight of the broadheads via email directly to Bearpaw.
Please specify “German Jager winner” in the subject field!

Thus we can make sure that you will receive your German Jager broadheads.

The Countdown for the New Bearpaw Catalog 2015/2016 has started

Dezember 07, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

We wanted the new Bearpaw catalog to surpass its legendary reputation. That’s why we have taken a lot of time to make the Bearpaw catalog even better.

Now, the countdown has started and in March 2015, the new Bearpaw catalog will be mailed and shipped.

But from 2015 onwards, it will be much more than a catalog!
After all, we have to provide something special for the 5 Euro cover charge!

For the first time, Henry Bodnik will include some valid information in this catalog from his new, not yet released book “The Bible of Instinctive Archery”. The catalog will not only convey a feel for instinctive archery and offer great products with its more than 200 pages! In addition to many beautiful pictures and products, Henry Bodnik will release interesting insider knowledge for the first time!

Here’s a foretaste of what is to come in the new catalog:

1. How a bare shaft test is performed correctly
2. Henry Bodnik’s spine table for wooden arrows
3. Henry Bodnik’s spine table for carbon arrows

We have put a lot of energy and effort into this catalog. Many people have designed it with energy, passion and enthusiasm and will accompany it to the printed copy. It will reveal interesting knowledge which Henry Bodnik has acquired during his many years as an instinctive archer and as a founder and CEO of Bearpaw Products. The catalog will also be available in English.

For the new catalog of Bearpaw Products we will charge a protective tariff of 5 Euros. Because to us, this equals the appreciation we hope you have for our 200-odd pages big catalog!

German Jager – the Hunting Point by Henry Bodnik

Dezember 04, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

German Jager Bearpaw Products

For 3 years, it has been Henry Bodnik’s stated goal to produce his own broadhead for sale. Together with American and Canadian bow hunters, he has now completed this project. German design and development along with the experiences of North American bow hunters have created a fantastic product.

The formula is very simple:

German Design + North American hunting experience + the right production site = broadhead German Jager

Designed for maximum penetration for all big game!

At this point we would like to express our respect to our American and Canadian friends who have helped us in developing this great broadhead.

Especially for traditional bow hunters, it is particularly important that a high peak weight allows for the necessary penetration power. For this reason, the German Jager is available in 125, 145 and 175 grs. The production of this great broadhead is performed under the supervision of our American partner. Only then can we ensure that the broadhead is razor sharp and with the lowest tolerances possible for your hunting arrow.
German Jager Bearpaw Products Jagdspitze
We at Bearpaw are damn proud that we have been able to complete this ambitious project.
In order to offer this broadhead at a great price to you, we have it produced in China along together with our American partners. Only in select companies is it possible to guarantee German quality standards.

Need more information about our brandnew German Jager?
German Jager Infos