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Extreme Heat Test of Bodnik Bows

Extreme Heat Test of Bodnik Bows

Bearpaw Products is a company with a vision and a passion for traditional archery! Our Bodnik Bows are known for their quality, robustness and performance. The dryfiring tests have astonished the world of archers and traditional archery! Our Bodnik Bows 30 years guarantee is absolutely unique! In 2015,after many tests, we completely reworked our adhesive […]

“Shining Bright” The Bear...

“Shining Bright” The Bearpaw Nightfire Nock

Bearpaw Products now have our own lighted nocks! Bearpaw Nightfire Nock During his visit to Spain Henry Bodnik had the opportunity to test the performance levels in terms of luminosity of several different lighted nocks. Henry saw a clear potential for improvement, particularly with regard to accuracy and luminosity, in the individual versions that he […]

Anna Catling – Technical Raven ...

Anna Catling – Technical Raven Test!

Anna Catling gets technical with her assesment of the Bodnik Raven Longbow! In the second part of my bow review I get a bit more technical! I am testing four bows and my Bodnik Raven to see how they compare (not compete!). The Bows I am using are a Bickerstaffe Longbow with a 35lb draw […]

A Very Special New Shaft from Penthal...

A Very Special New Shaft from Penthalon!

Over the past year or two the folk at Bearpaw we have been working feverishly to bring you arrow shafts that are worthy of carrying the name “Penthalon”. To move forwards and guarantee levels of quality we even fired one manufacturing company and spent a vast amount of time and effort in finding a manufacturer […]

2016 was Bearpaws’ Year!

2016 was Bearpaws’ Year!

2016 is nearly over and the year is drawing to a close! For Bearpaw Products 2016 was a very eventful and successful year! Bearpaw Products has once again grown in the double digit percentage range and has further expanded its company profile within the traditional archery world! Because of their excellent quality and availability our […]

Raven Review by Anna Catling

Raven Review by Anna Catling

Bodnik Raven Review by Anna Catling I received my Bodnik Raven only about a week before the Ballands Bowmen tournament in Somerset on the 23rd and 24th of July. Therefore I had very little time to practice with it and so I was debating whether to use my old bow one last time in hope […]

Christmas Break at Bearpaw

Christmas Break at Bearpaw

The Bearpaw-Team will be away from 23.12.2016 to 09.01.2017 for the Christmas and New Year break. Our telephone lines and shop will be closed during this period. The last day for sending out orders for this year will be 22nd December. So there is still a little time to give your loved ones something from […]

An archery revolution is coming from ...

An archery revolution is coming from Germany

At the ATA show in 2016 the brand new Spine technology was an absolute sensation! At the upcoming ATA show in 2017 we are bringing a revolution to the archery industry with the Arrow Analyzer We are just counting the days until the bomb drops! Henry Bodnik exclusively presents the Arrow Analyzer at the ATA […]

Armin Hirmer and Malta Archery

Armin Hirmer and Malta Archery

Armin Hirmer is based in Malta and as well as being a Bearpaw dealer he is definitely one of the characters of the archery scene that you tend to remember. He has his own style of doing things and a fairly unique outlook about archery and the world in general. I recently decided to catch […]

Christmas Presents from Bearpaw Produ...

Christmas Presents from Bearpaw Products!

A minimum of 10% Christmas discount on bows from Bearpaw! Some great Christmas specials in time for Christmas for all of our loyal customers. Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik say a massive thank you to all of our customers! We have three super Christmas Specials to offer you! Why not treat yourself or even make […]