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In Germany the Paderbow is where you ...

In Germany the Paderbow is where you get measure of things

Many thanks to the many interested parties who attended Henry Bodniks lecture about the secrets of instinctive archery. According to the event organizers between 150 – 200 followed the presentation by Henry Bodnik. In his direct and emotional style Bodnik Henry introduced the audience to the secrets of instinctive archery and gave people the inside […]

Henry Bodnik talks about instinctive ...

Henry Bodnik talks about instinctive archery

Tomorrow at 13.00hrs a presentation by Henry Bodnik takes place at the Paderbow show. In his lecture Henry will speak about the secrets of instinctive archery and promises an in depth look into his great passion . Henry Bodnik has been instructing instinctive archery for more than 25 years. All around the world archers have […]

Significant improvements to Bearpaw B...

Significant improvements to Bearpaw Bowstringers

Especially when stringing recurve bows it is absolutely essential to use a Bowstringer. That said, we recommend that you use a bow stringer regardless of bow type: Using a Bowstringer avoids the risk of twisting the limbs which could damage the bow. It is important that quality and functionality of a stringer is tried and tested. Bearpaw […]

Bodnik Bows are back in the fast lane...

Bodnik Bows are back in the fast lane!

Archers all over the world already have confidence in our “Made in Germany” quality. The reason for this is that Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products stand firmly behind every single Bodnik Bow produced. Now we are making even more leaps forwards in the Construction of our Bodnik Bows. Only with continuous evolution and adaptation can […]

Longlife Armadillo sighted

Longlife Armadillo sighted

Actually, there’s not really much to say about the new Longlife Armadillo. Its picture speaks for itself! absolutely realistic lifelike appearance great Longlife foam quality with the prominent „self healing“ effect In a small promotional video we have captured the Longlife Armadillo on our home parcours, so as to bring it closer to you. Just […]

Even with the Armguards from Bearpaw ...

Even with the Armguards from Bearpaw everything must be right!

Actually, we never really liked the style of the armguards of our Bearpaw Fashion Series. The leather was somehow not soft enough and the color was not exactly what we wanted. Apart from this, the closing device did not exactly blow our minds either. These Velcro fasteners were neither robust nor could they be used […]

Some Bows have Two Souls

Some Bows have Two Souls

Our Quick Stick has long been Henry Bodnik’s personal first choice. Only recently has he jumped ship into the camp of the Mohawk archers. The handle of the Quick Stick is made of a beautiful combination of bubinga and rosewood. But that is only one of its two souls and sides. These exotic woods are […]

Course Shedule 2016 “Instinctiv...

Course Shedule 2016 “Instinctive Archery with Henry Bodnik”

We have planned ahead for the year 2016 and set the new course dates. Instinctive archery with Henry Bodnik is now in demand all over the world. His successful teaching system has established itself in many countries and coaches of  Henry Bodnik’s Instinctive Archery Academy are active in many countries. Henry Bodnik has been conveying […]

Bearpaw Easy Bowquiver will be availa...

Bearpaw Easy Bowquiver will be available again

Our Bearpaw Easy Bow Quiver was unavailable for more than half a year. Many of our customers use this bow quiver and love its small size and good functionality. Henry Bodnik has used this bow quiver in many of his classes and travels. Bow quivers come from the field of bowhunting and are a wonderfully […]

Miriam Heller and Iwan Walser are Swi...

Miriam Heller and Iwan Walser are Swiss Champions

Thomas Kaufmann is our Bearpaw dealer in Switzerland. His large-scale and intensive work with Bearpaw Products Switzerland has born many fruits for instinctive archery and the Bearpaw brand. Many Swiss archers contacted Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products repeatedly and called for better coverage in Switzerland. We thank Thomas Kaufmann who has been able to close […]