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3D archery range called 3 D Bogenregi...

3D archery range called 3 D Bogenregion inspiring archers around the world!

Instinctive 3D archery – Our great passion… Bearpaw Products promotes 3D archery courses around the world! No other archery company anywhere is as dedicated to spreading the passion and excitement experienced by traditional archery shooters when they’re shooting on a challenging and realistic 3D target course. Shooting lifelike 3D targets as you walk a 3D […]

The First Bearpaw Kill Tournament in ...

The First Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Switzerland!

My “kill tournament year” is now coming to an end. I am thrilled with how many archers and bow hunters have participated my various kill tournaments in; Germany, Romania and Austria this year. For this I would like to take a moment to thank you! This year, on the 22nd and 23rd of September, together […]

The new Shadow ILF Recurve is finally...

The new Shadow ILF Recurve is finally here!

Finally! For too long, our Bearpaw dealers and customers have been asking us to produce a quality ILF (International Limb Fitting System) bow. However we wanted to get everything perfected before we released our ILF bow, and now it is time. When bow manufacturers produce risers and limbs based on the well-known ILF system (International […]

Where does the material for the fanta...

Where does the material for the fantastic cedar wood shafts made by Rose City Archery come from?

We hear the rumors again and again, that the raw materials for Port Orford cedar shafts are very limited. It is also a common thought that the quality of cedar shafts being shipped to Europe is not as good as what is being sold in the US. These thoughts are unfounded. There’s no way that […]

Giulia and Lisa test the LongLife 3D ...

Giulia and Lisa test the LongLife 3D course in Ummerstadt

It has been quite a while since we released our last 3D course test. Many of you have written to us encouraging us to continue this video profile idea and asked us to post a new video of instinctive archers shooting on a nice 3D course. Thank you for that. We have taken your comments […]

Henry Bodnik explains the advantages ...

Henry Bodnik explains the advantages of Port Orford cedar wood shafting!

Cedar shafting from 1,32 Euro Finally! We have added the Port Orford cedar shafting from Rose City Archery to our online store! Many spines are in stock and ready to ship! It won’t be long now and we will have ALL the spines in stock. Why would you want to shoot wooden arrows when there are […]

Hood Archery in Münster – Bearp...

Hood Archery in Münster – Bearpaw Products Partner – Opens NEW Store!

An interview of Bearpaw Dealer – Hood Archery from Münster. One of our shooting stars for the year 2017 in the BEARPAW DEALER NETWORK. Mike and Jens, have become our close friends and members of the BEARPAW family. They have made a terrific start! The foundation for their meteoric rise started less than a year […]

Manuela Bürkle wins the 10th Bearpaw ...

Manuela Bürkle wins the 10th Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Germany!

The exciting and realistic format of the Kill Tournaments, developed by Henry Bodnik are gaining in popularity and attract more and more archers every year.  All of the shooting positions are reminiscent of the early days or archery when shooting at 3D targets and target faces of animals were used as a training tool for […]

Archery Center Romania opens their do...

Archery Center Romania opens their doors in Cluj Napoca!

An important project for traditional archery in Romania has become a reality. Alin Andreica von Bearpaw Romania has pushed hard with all his energy to bring this project into reality. Cluj Napoca is the second largest city in Romania and is home to many archers who have historically had very poor training opportunities for archery. […]

Kustom King Archery takes over the cu...

Kustom King Archery takes over the customer service from Bearpaw USA!

Bearpaw USAclosed the doors and shut down the website! It is now offline!! Bearpaw products and Bodnik Bows are available in the US from Kustom King Archery! Kustom King Archery has been the premier distributor for Bearpaw products and Bodnik Bows in the USA for many years! Located in Indiana, Kustom King Archery stocks an […]