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Protector Hats back in stock!

Protector Hats back in stock!

Bearpaw Protector Hat Some of you may have noticed that this product disappeared from our range for a short while. This great quality and functional product is now available once again! We at Bearpaw never settle for second best and therefore we decided that a few improvements to our ordering system were called for. Due […]

Penthalon on the podium at EBHC Champ...

Penthalon on the podium at EBHC Championships

Mircea Doda is an experienced compound archer, and one of the most successful in the Compound Bowhunter limited class. He contacted us only a couple of weeks ago as he wanted to try out our Penthalon Hunter Extreme shafts. The Hunter Extreme shafts are very robust and accurate. After his first reall try out with […]

Anna Moser and Bodnik Bows are Europe...

Anna Moser and Bodnik Bows are European Champions!

Anna Moser, Bogensport beim Holzmichel and Bodnik Bows are European Champions! Thank you for such superb efforts! Congratualtions Anna Moser! We are proud of Bodnik Bows and we are extremely proud of Anna Moser. The success story of Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows continues unabated around the globe. We regularly receive many photos and messages […]

Speed Test Shoot-out by Scheibenpanik...

Speed Test Shoot-out by Scheibenpanik!

A great speed test shoot-out conducted by Daniel Goll at Scheibenpanik between the Bodnik Slick Stick longbow and the Bodnik Mohawk Hybrid take-down bows! Both bows are marked up at 40# @ 28” draw length. Daniel writes… In the interest of conducting this test both bows were measured on Scheibenpaniks scales and came out at […]

New Hopi and Mohican now online

New Hopi and Mohican now online

People taking their first step in archery are not usually willing to invest large amounts of money at first. Before that, its natural that people want to see if archery is going to be the right hobby for them. Also its often the case that people arent sure whether they want a longbow or a […]

Bearpaw Actionwood now available!

Bearpaw Actionwood now available!

The performance and quality of our Bodnik Bows are legendary throughout the world of archery. In order to maintain this and our unique Bodnik Bows 30 year warranty we use only the best materials. Archers have high expectations of their individual bows when it comes to their aesthetics, materials, material combinations and of course functionality. […]

1st Kill Tournament in Austria

1st Kill Tournament in Austria

Austria is a crazy place! The passion for the instinctive archery is like a fever and here are more 3D course than you can count. Many Austrian archers have asked about the Kill Tournaments organized by Henry Bodnik. Now the time has come! Michael Wagner is an extremely enthusiastic archer as well as being a […]

Robin Hood Arrows Recommends Bearpaw ...

Robin Hood Arrows Recommends Bearpaw Spruce Shafts…

Kev Smith at Robin Hood Arrows is a professional arrow maker who takes the utmost pride in the excellent work he produces. He is a big fan of the Bearpaw points and nocks but in particular our spruce shafts. Below Kev explains why…. I’ve hesitated for a long while to post this because I know […]

The Bow Hook from Bearpaw Products an...

The Bow Hook from Bearpaw Products and a few more!!

Why would you need a bow hook bow hook? We cant sy that a product such as this was on our radar! Our partners and manufacturers of leather goods produces this belt hook and nudged us again and again to steer our focus towards this product.The decisive factor for the production of this small and […]

The Penthalon Speed Nock is online

The Penthalon Speed Nock is online

As we had previously reported, as far as possible it is important for us to produce here in Germany. Here we can best monitor the quality and the manufacturing process of our products. We would like to you to see the latest pictures which show the production of our nocks in Germany. We have completed […]