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Video review and the ‘unboxing&...

Video review and the ‘unboxing’ of the Blackfoot Longbow

Our Blackfoot Longbow is the perfect bow for anyone just getting started in traditional archery! Price and performance are just right with the Blackfoot longbow! Fantastic low price – only 196, Euro Shop Now – Blackfoot Longbow Many publications and tests have proven that with the Penthalon Blackfoot we have developed a bow that simply […]

Penthalon carbon shafts available now...

Penthalon carbon shafts available now at Merlin Archery!

Penthalon Carbon Shafting available in the UK Merlin Archery is a strong new dealer for Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows in the UK! We are pleased to have teamed up with Merlin Archery in the Loughborough Leicestershire area. They will be carrying a full line of Bearpaw products in their impressive shop. Archers from all […]

24.09.2017 Switzerland will get a sma...

24.09.2017 Switzerland will get a small taste of what a Bearpaw Kill Tournament can be like!

Many archers from Switzerland have asked us to bring one of our unique and exciting Kill Tournaments to Switzerland. In June of 2018, we will host the 1st Kill Tournament ever held in Switzerland together with our strong dealer, Bearpaw Switzerland and the bow school of Kröhl. This is going to be a good time. […]

SAVE BIG! Penthalon Traditional Timbe...

SAVE BIG! Penthalon Traditional Timber Carbon Shafting for only 1,98 Euro!

We have never been 100% pleased with the cosmetic looks of our Traditional Timber carbon shafts. The color was never quite right, it did not look as natural as we wanted it to and there were flaws in the background pattern when it was printed on the shafting. Because of this we are working in […]

Bearpaw Products and Longlife now off...

Bearpaw Products and Longlife now offer a realistic 3D Otter!

Longlife & Bearpaw Products introduce a new 3D Otter target! Here at Bearpaw we are pleased to see that the folks at LongLife have decided to create a new target to enrich the archery experience on archery courses and 3D tournaments everywhere. All Longlife 3D targets are known throughout Europe and North America for their […]

Bearpaw Power Glass is Crystal Clear!

Bearpaw Power Glass is Crystal Clear!

Our Bearpaw Power Glass is a crucial component for the impressive performance and overall beauty of all our Bodnik Bows! We have been diligently working on the transparency and performance of our clear fiberglass for over three years and finally we have achieved extraordinary success! Our clear fiberglass is so clear it’s unbelievable! So we […]

Great Bow! Great Price! Our Hopi Recu...

Great Bow! Great Price! Our Hopi Recurve is now available for 198 Euro!

We wanted to see the price of our Hopi Recurve Bows under 200 Euro! So, we met with our manufacturer and we were able to negotiate this new, lower price for the Hopi that we can pass on to our loyal Bearpaw customers! We are very pleased to announce our success! We now pass on […]

Henry Bodnik explains how to use the ...

Henry Bodnik explains how to use the Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer!

At the ATA show January of 2017 – which is the worlds largest archery convention for archery dealers from all countries, Bearpaw Products made history when we introduced The Bearpaw Arrow Analyzer. This new – patented technology allows anyone to check the weight, the spine, and the straightness of all parallel arrows whether they are […]

It is time for a new look for a popul...

It is time for a new look for a popular classic – The Mohawk from Bodnik Bows!

The Clock is Ticking! Our Mohawk has proven itself around the world! The Mohawk has earned that reputation one bow at a time. Th Mohawk success story is unmatched! It is a special high-performance bow with graceful lines, powerful limbs, and legendary durability. THIS is why the Mohawk is so famous! We are proud of […]

Special Sale – Save 25% on Sele...

Special Sale – Save 25% on Select Bodnik Bows!

Grab yourself a new Bodnik Bow and SAVE 25% today! In all of traditional archery, Bearpaw Products has the largest selection of anyone in the world! We are constantly working on our bows to enhance the look, feel, quality, and performance. Sometimes we change only the way a bow looks – because we simply wish […]