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Finally!!!! Feel the Spirit 16

Finally!!!! Feel the Spirit 16

After such a long period of waiting for “Feel the Spirit”, it’s finally there. With “Easy Sunday”, we let you participate in a Sunday afternoon with the Bearpaw family. Only during the filming did we notice, how much we had missed it ourselves. It will never take this long again!  Enjoy Feel the Spirit 16 […]

Feel the Spirit 16

Feel the Spirit 16

It’s been far too long since we last published a “Feel the Spirit” film. Finishing the new Bearpaw catalog was very demanding and a lot of work and our film projects fell by the wayside. Many of you have repeatedly approached me concerning our Feel the Spirit films and really fired me upt to make […]

Archery World Netherlands Steps on th...

Archery World Netherlands Steps on the Gas

With Archery World, the Netherlands grow richer by another attraction. Dimitri Luijpen and Saskia Jansen have started on their way to write a new chapter in instinctive archery.  They are two great people with a great concept.  It is worthwhile to spare Archery World a visit!  At ArcheryWorld in Schinveld, in the south of Limburg (NL) […]

German Jager Winners

German Jager Winners

Today we are sending out our German Jager broadheads to the winners of our tombola. The following winners will receive their broadheads within the following days: Tony Ault Saul Sepulveda Ted Greene Carter Chip Mike Morton Cecil Jahnson David Dease April Rose Gary Lemons Tony Baker We would then like to present to you the […]

The rattlesnake is coming!

The rattlesnake is coming!

At the request of our customers, we have extended the offer of our arrow wraps with the rattlesnakes decorum. This quality cresting beautifies your arrow and gives it your personal touch. Exotic! Special! Exclusive! What exactly is such an arrow wrap? Arrow crestings or wraps are usually made of a thin plastic film. To attach […]

Epic Aftereffects of the Clan Gatheri...

Epic Aftereffects of the Clan Gathering

Thoughts and feelings of the participants of the clan gathering of the Clan TST and the „Fellowship of the Bow have been with the meeting since we all met mid May in Eisenbach. Not a single day has passed without anybody posting pictures, information or impressions on this epic event. Jim Grizzly Kent, one of […]

Hannah Gart Tests The Mohawk

Hannah Gart Tests The Mohawk

In many places in the world enthusiastic archers and distributors make and post videos and information about our Bodnik Bows Mohawk. “We are both proud and very thankful!” With Hannah Gart and Edward Seaton, there are two special archers in California! In the United States, the archery scene is dominated by bow hunters. Camouflage equipment […]

Byron Ferguson is Testing the New Hea...

Byron Ferguson is Testing the New Heavy Hunter Carbon Shafts

Working closely with Byron Ferguson we have made the Penthalon Heavy Hunter carbon shafts even better. There is a reason that these are Byron Ferguson’s personal arrows. Byron shoots all his spectacular trick shots with the Heavy Hunter arrows from Bearpaw Products. He trusts in the Penthalon quality of Bearpaw. In an impressive shooting test […]

Wolfie Hughes is a Pioneer in Instinc...

Wolfie Hughes is a Pioneer in Instinctive Archery

Wolfie Hughes is an outstanding instinctive archer from Wales. He has frequenntly stood out due to his extraordinaril successful tournament career. More than a year ago, he chose our Bodnik Bows and with them won many a tournament success and national titles. Only last weekend he won a national title with his Bodnik Bows Slick […]

German Jager Broadheads Are Convincin...

German Jager Broadheads Are Convincing

The broadhead German Jager has written a success story. A year ago, Henry Bodnik presented his new broadhead German Jager with 125, 145 and 175 grs. weight. During his test as part of a hunt for whitetail deer in the USA and Canada this broadhead could meet the toughest demands and convinced both American and Canadian […]