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Bearpaw Products goes Australia

Bearpaw Products goes Australia

Many archers from Australia have repeatedly asked for our products. It was very difficult to obtain Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows in Australia. The availability of our products and the high delivery costs for smaller shipments made it very hard for Australian archers to get our quality products. We are proud that we have found […]

Bright Pink Adorns Many Arrows

Bright Pink Adorns Many Arrows

  Some of our customers will have been wondering that within the range of our monochrome feathers the color pink can no longer be found. We decided to give the bright and strongly shining pink our preference. It does not make sense to offer two different solidly colored feathers in pink, if the colors are […]

Penthalon Protector Hats Considerably...

Penthalon Protector Hats Considerably Prolong the Lifespan of a Carbon Arrow

Henry Bodnik simply loves the new Protector Hats! This small hat for your carbon shaft makes all the difference! With it, carbon arrows simply live 100% longer. The arrow can even survive hits on stone and other hard objects. Our Protector Hats underwent an endurance test on the 3D-course of Archery Parks in the Franconian […]

The Wretched Problem with the Wooden ...

The Wretched Problem with the Wooden Spines

We have had a lot of problems with spine values of wooden shafts for years. Just when we think everything is working and we can get exactly the spine values that customers need, Mother Nature gives us a good kick in the butt. Currently Bearpaw Products is missing more than 7000 spruce shafts 11/32 diameter […]

Penthalon Slim Line Goes Stainless St...

Penthalon Slim Line Goes Stainless Steel

The Overhat Point for our Penthalon Slim Line arrows has become obsolete! It was not an easy decision and we took some time to decide whether or not we should rule out our Overhat Point. Ultimately, we were convinced by 3 arguments by you, our customers: The Hat Point often damaged 3 D targets and […]

Bearpaw Switzerland has the Greatest ...

Bearpaw Switzerland has the Greatest Say There

Bearpaw Products in Switzerland and Thomas Kaufmann are connected in an inseparable way for traditional archers in Switzerland. Over the last two years, Thomas has stepped on the gas and become the largest Bearpaw dealer in Switzerland. His dream of Bearpaw Switzerland has come true! It’s no wonder with so much passion and energy for […]

Linlee Chan shoots a Mingo of Bodnik ...

Linlee Chan shoots a Mingo of Bodnik Bows

Linlee Chan is a passionate archer from Australia. During the week, she is busy to organizing her family as a single mother. Instinctive Archery is her secret escape and gives her the opportunity to recharge her batteries. Where it is possible, Linlee tries to escape into nature, to merge with nature in secret places. The […]

Trainerseminar in Holland

Trainerseminar in Holland

Perry van Ravenstein has completed successfully the  1 and 2 successfully completed his trainer at the Instinctive Archery Academy of Henry Bodnik. Meanwhile, he has been able to establish the trainer system in Holland and replicates successfully the basics of the Instinctive Archery Academy. Below you can get more information about his next seminar to […]

The shoot out of the Back Tension

The shoot out of the Back Tension

To shoot out of the back tension is one of the most important parts of a successful shooting technique. Shooting without this back tension accumulate some bad mistakes. A poor relase and an instable bow arm are only two of the symptomes based on a bad back tension.   Accompanied two of the most famous […]

The right spine for Carbonshafts

The right spine for Carbonshafts

A lots of archery dealer recommend to stiff carbon arrows for traditional archers. There is no way to compare the static spine of carbon arrows with wooden arrows. Most of the information and tables refer to compound bows and are not suitable to use for traditional bows. Many years of experience have been incorporated in the […]