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The new and awesome Hard Hunter Deluxe

September 19, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Hard Hunter Deluxe

The Hard Hunter by Bearpaw has been known for a very good entry level bow into traditional archery for many years.
We have set our hand to it anew in order to achieve some major improvements in cooperation with a new manufacturer.

The Hard Hunter Deluxe replaces its predecessor the Hard Hunter!

Not only does the new Hard Hunter Deluxe convince archers in the optical range, but it also impresses with its high quality design. In performance and usability as well, the new version of this great beginners’ bow can stand apart from its predecessor.

Here you can find more information about this great beginners’ bow. (klick here)

Hard Hunter Deluxe

These are the main advantages of the new Hard Hunter Deluxe:
1. The bow’s length of only 60 inches guarantees a soft extraction behavior up to 32 inches.
2. The bow comes with a Bearpaw Products Whisper String and is Fast Flight compatible.
3. The Hard Hunter Deluxe is available in draw weights from 25 to 50 lbs.
4. Its beautiful and heavy handle is designed specifically for shooting over the shelf.
5. The handle of the Hard Hunter Deluxe is equipped with inserts for bow quiver, stabilizer, sight or fish roll.

“An awesome bow at an unbeatable price!”

Hard Hunter Deluxe

The new Longlife Standing Deer

September 06, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Longflie 3d targets Reh stehend

When you see the new Longlife Standing Deer standing on the parcours for the first time, between the branches in the autumn afternoon sun, you almost think it might ju mp away any moment – that’s how real it looks! But this is only one of many reasons why Longlife 3D animals are found worldwide on many parcours.

Christoph Unger has developed the new, two-piece deer in such a way that you can make the roe a stag in an instant by attaching the antlers. Together with the already available lying deer archers can look forward to beautiful animal groups on the parcours.

The new standing deer is available in the Bearpaw Online Shop now and in our opinion once again looks as pretty as a picture!

Here are some properties which make a Longlife 3D animal so special:

  • Length: 80 cm
  • Height: 105 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Quality: Made in Germany


  • will stop any arrow
  • easy pulling of arrows
  • material UV-resistant
  • material weather resistant
  • target foam self-closing “Long Life self-healing effect”
  • particularly lifelike appearance

Longflie 3d targets Rehbock stehend

The “Back To Bowhunting”-Academy

August 31, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

The N.H.B. (Dutch Archery Federation) acknowledged that instinctive archery plays an increasingly dominant position.
In the Netherlands there is a network of NHB archery coaches, who operate mainly in the technical range. The N.H.B. makes it possible for all trainers and aspiring trainers to get an education and specialize as a trainer Traditional.

For this, they have a good friend of our approach, namely Perry van Ravenstein.
With his company All Inn Traditional, he’s Bearpaw Distributor in the Benelux.
Furthermore, he was the first Dutchman educated at the Archery Academy and later he gloriously passed trainer 2.

Perry is a passionate archer and a highly skilled trainer.
In the name of “Back To Bowhunting Academy”
all courses at different locations will take place.
We wish him and his team every success in raising the level of knowledge of the Dutch and later perhaps also Belgian trainers.


Two new Wallpapers

August 20, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

While working on the new Bearpaw Catalogue we are making lots of pictures. We picked two of these pictures for you and made them wallpapers for your desktop. We are really looking forward to our new Bearpaw Catalogue! Until this is happening you can enjoy these two great wallpapers!

Wallpaper Pocahontas Bearpaw Products

Wallpaper Pocahontas Bearpaw Products

Heavy Points and Ultra FOC

August 14, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Heavy Points

More and more archers recognize the benefits of a higher tip weight and FOC (front of center).
Through his intensive work in the development of carbon shafts Henry Bodnik has recognized the significant advantages of these aspects. He applies his findings in his courses so that as many archers as possible can benefit from it!
Henry Bodnik shoots an FOC of 16% with his slim line carbon shafts.


Formula FOC: (3:30)*100 – FOC = 10%

On this subject there will also be a chapter in his new book “The Bible of instinctive archery”.

To allow higher tip weights and FOC, Henry expanded the range of Bearpaw Products with Heavy Points.

Heavy Points

Now finally, heavier tips have also been made available for the Penthalon Timber Stick and the Gold Tip carbon shafts!

- heavier tips let the arrow fly pinpoint
- heavier tips compensate more errors
- more tip and arrow weight stabilize your bow
- heavier tips change the height of impact in the target up to 40 meters only minimally

Here you can go directly to the Heavy Points.

A Great Arm Guard Gets Started

August 10, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

(Perhaps we should more often listen to women)
It was our ladies in the sale who we’re always concerned about matching quivers and arm guards in color.
‘That’s so typical of women’ was our first reaction. But aren’t they right after all? We took up this impulse and realized it with some beautiful items. Especially the back quivers were missing the color black anyways, which several customers had already asked for.

As a result, we proudly present a series of quivers and arm guards implementing these important impulses. Now finally, the arm guard as most important item is available.

Click on the image to get right into the Bearpaw Online Shop:
Bearpaw Leder Produkte

All our leather products are produced in our company Bearpaw International under the strictest controls. We put the highest possible value in the quality of our leather articles during production.
All Bearpaw leather items are free of heavy metals and toxins. This was approved of by the veterinary inspection office in Freiburg, Germany.

Here is the direct link to the certificate.

Thank you to our ladies in the sales and the customers who kept pushing us in the right direction.

These are your products!

Henry and Doro Bodnik

Bearpaw Leather Products

Bearpaw Leather Products

Bearpaw Leather Products

Sometimes Less Is More

August 03, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


I have been accompanying Henry Bodnik at his courses in the instinctive archery for about 1 1/2 years now. For some time, we have observed a phenomenon which I want to write a few lines about today: Many archers tend to lighter draw weights than before! Not only our personal experience but statistics from bow building also prove: there is a trend towards lighter draw weights. Of course, the material has become more efficient; but in addition, the insight seems to slowly arrive in the minds of the archers that one does not need 55 lbs and a lot of penetrating power to shoot a 3D target but tranquility in shooting and repeatable precision. We have tried and tested a few things and today want to drop a few lines about why it can be useful not to overdo it with the draw weight.


With a modern bow-arrow-combination, it is possible to achieve approximately the same ballistics at 50 meters distance with about 25 lbs as with a 50 lbs bow. You don’t believe us? Let us prove it.
First, we need to talk about a decisive factor that allows us to shoot low draw weights – the arrow. With the production of the Penthalon Slim Line carbon shafts it has become possible to shoot 20 # and 25 # bows without missing any accuracy even at long distances. Spine values ​​of 1300 and 1600 have been on the market only for a few years. 3 inch fletches are just the right thing for these draw weights, and the 60 or 70 grs tips make our arrow light and quick. Since we do not need any penetration power at 3D animals, our arrow must also not be particularly heavy. My 29 inch long Penthalon Slim Line 1300s arrows with nock, tip and 3 inch feathers weigh about 197 grs – divided by 24 pounds of my bow’s draw weight, this is 8.2 gpp. Cannot be fast? Oh yes, it can!


I myself shoot a Bearpaw Hawk which we have honed down to a low draw weight specifically for our tests. From its original 30 lbs, we have brought this Hawk down to a whopping 24.07 lbs draw weight when drawn to 29 inches. The thin limbs are the second “secret“ for the arrow to properly absorb power. The lower the mass of the limbs, the more energy is given to the arrow when comparing the same draw weights of bows. I made ​​a comparative picture in order to document the width of the limbs comparing a normal 50 lbs Hawk to our special Hawk. For this purpose, it should be mentioned that the limbs of our standard bow are not exactly broad.


So far this sounds pretty nice, but how quick is the whole thing now? The bow was shot with finger release to a 29 inches draw. I claim that I shoot relatively stably and repeatably; the measured variations of 2 to 3 fps from shot to shot prove me right. My shooting glove was the Bearpaw Black Glove, string was a Bodnik Whisper String with 8 strands and a small brass nock point. My arrows are 29.25 inches long, with a 60 grs. tip, 3 inch parabolic fletches and normal Penthalon nock. All the shots I made were between 191 and 193 fps! – with 24 lbs of draw weight on my fingers!


Of course I do not want everybody to suddenly switch to only 25 lbs draw weight now – but this example clearly shows that with the correct bow-arrow-combination and with a 35-40 lbs bow, one can shoot a complete 3D-parcours comfortably, health-friendly, and fatigue-free. Many of our trainees who train irregularly due to a stressful office job, suddenly have fun shooting with a 30 lbs Redman and Slim Line arrows. Their shooting technique can be executed clean(er) and they don’t have totrain themselves up to a high draw weight. Less sometimes really can be more – although maybe not for everyone. But certainly for one or the other a 30-35 lbs bow may fit much better than a 45 lbs bow. The rethinking is taking place – we experience it every day.

Markus Flach
Bearpaw Products


The Phantom is here!

Juli 31, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


The Phantom is a longbow with exceptional looks and is now available in our online shop!

The short and quick shooting longbow thrills archers because of its handyness and exclusive design. Its limbs are layered with beautiful white curly birch. Its handle consists of solid black Mycarta to give the Phantom stability and shooting rest.

Extremely short! Extremely handy! Extremely attractive!

Are you ready for the Phantom?

  • Bow Length: 54 inches
  • Draw Weight: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 lbs
  • Handle: Black Mycarta
  • Limbs: Bamboo with white Curly Birch
  • Grip: Locator Grip
  • String: Whisper String, Fast Flight, Dynaflight
  • Brace Height: 7 3/4 Zoll
  • Warranty: 30 years Bodnik Bows warranty

The Phantom is manufactured in custom quality exclusively for you and will take a delivery time of approximately 8 weeks.




2nd Bearpaw Cup Romania 2014

Juli 28, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


Romania is a great country! A country with beautiful landscapes and unique nature. In the heart of Europe, there is a paradise still unknown to many people. The warm openness and friendliness of the people overwhelm us again and again.

This year, Henry Bodnik hosted the Bearpaw Cup Romania for the second time. The tournament was shot according to the points for a Kill Tournament developed by Henry Bodnik and finished with the so called ‘Final Cut’, already famous throughout the world. The Romanian Kill Tournament was organized by Codruta Angelescu in cooperation with Bearpaw Products. Codruta is the official distributor of Bearpaw Products in Romania and together with her partner Doru, she is a true pioneer in instinctive archery.

Here you can find a direct link to their website.

In the middle of the impressive landscape of the Carpathians, one can find the unique sports complex Cheile Gradistei-Moeciu. It is worth taking a look!

Together with Uwe Tesch, editor of the online magazine “Instinctive Archery”, and Doru the course was built in the mountains of the Carpathians. Uwe Tesch wanted to be on site to collect personal impressions for a report in his magazine.

Here you’ll find the link to the great online magazine for Instinctive archers:

“I can really recommend to take a look at this magazine! Great reports from around the world!” (Henry Bodnik)


Since only the kill hits counted with plus points in this tournament, all targets were set in close distances to create a hunting atmosphere. Body shots were even judged with minus points!

The day of setting up the parcours as well as the first day of the tournament were accompanied by heavy rain showers.
More than 100 archers with traditional material had signed up and Henry Bodnik wanted to set up a special tournament. Thus, the Bearpaw Cup Romania has already become the largest Kill Tournament outside of Germany. While setting up the coruse, Uwe Tesch won unique impressions which he will now be able to pass on to his readers.


On day 1, the tournament participants had to complete a two-arrow-round. Both arrows had to be shot and got into the scoring. Henry Bodnik could again create many tricky shots to give rise to the magic of a hunt in an impenetrable thicket. On the 2nd day, the course was shortened to 20 stations, so that all ratings were completed by noon. Only one arrow was shot per target. Bodyshots counted minus 5 points, while kill hits had a 20-plus point impact.

Here you will find the result lists of each bow class:

Bearpaw Cup Romania 2014

After evaluating the class winners, the tournament winners were determined in the ‘Final Cut’. Together with Uwe Tesch, Henry Bodnik built a time course on which the participants of the finals were to fight for the honor of the tournament victory and cash awards. Before the eyes of all tournament participants and spectators 30 archers took up this challenge. Even for the children, a separate final was held.
The excitement was palpable and felt by everyone!
The finalists had to shoot the ‘Final Cut’ course in 50 seconds and shoot 5 3-D-targets, each with one arrow. Only those who had completed all five positions (whether successful or not) were rewarded with 20 extra points. At each position, kill hits were rewarded with 20 points and body shots with 10 points. In the end, however, 5 archers successfully tied with 80 points. In yet another final, they then had to prove their precision. They had to complete three precision shots at a long distance before the eyes of all the spectators. The tension culminated, leaving many an arrow flying past the target with excitement.


Tournament winner and winner of the Final Cuts Romania Adults

1st place: Istvan Zsolt Racz Berecz
2nd place: Adrian Bostan
3rd place: Nitulescu Bogdan

Tournament winner and winner of the ‘Final Cut’ Romania Children
1 Ilinca Angelescu Danilet


Freedom of choice for the Bodnik Bows

Gabriel Nemes was selected for 1st prize at the final raffle.

In addition to 3-D animals and many other awards, the Bodnik Bows by Bearpaw Products are naturally coveted profits.
Gabriel has now decided and will soon be the proud owner of a Bodnik Bows Redman.

Bearpaw Products, Henry Bodnik and Uwe Tesch thank, above all, the passionate archers from Romania. Without you, this successful tournament would not have been possible.
You are the lifeline of Romanian archery!
We look forward to the Bearpaw Cup 2015 determined to have more than 150 traditional archers.

We love Instinctive Archery!

For the fotos of the Bearpaw Cup Romania 2014 – >>click here<<





Bearpaw Shortnews: Slick Stick Available from 15 lbs onwards

Juli 27, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Slick Stick Bodnik Bows


Here is some interesting news about our Bodnik Bows Slick Stick. This bow is from now on available from 15 lbs upwards measured at 28 Inches draw length. In combination with our Pentalon Slim Line 1600 carbon shafts, this makes for an extremely powerful bow & arrow-combination in the lower draw weight range. Give it a try – it’s worth it!


Hintergrundbild Wallpaper “Sandra Bow Fishing”
Sandra Bearpaw Bow Fishing