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Anna Catling receives her new Bodnik ...

Anna Catling receives her new Bodnik Raven!

In part two of our continuing blog with new Bearpaw sponsored Anna Catling we see her reaction to her new Bodnik Raven bow and hear a few of her initial impressions. Over to you Anna!… “When I came back from school and I found my new bow had arrived from Bearpaw, I was very excited. […]

Bearpaw Sponsors an upcoming star!

Bearpaw Sponsors an upcoming star!

Bearpaw-Products are proud to announce that we are sponsoring one of the rising stars of archery in the UK! 15 year old Anna Catling already has many successes to her name and is someone to keep your eye on for the future. But the best person to tell you about her is Anna herself…. My […]

The legendary “Henry Bodnik`s K...

The legendary “Henry Bodnik`s Kill Tournament”

Henry Bodnik is currently in Weststeiermark, to hold the 1st Kill tournament in Austria . But what is actually behind the legendary Kill tournaments of Henry Bodnik? The origins of today’s 3D tournaments can be found in the preparation of the bow hunters for hunting. Over time the current tournament with 3D animals evolved from […]

The new Bodnik Bows Horseman is here!...

The new Bodnik Bows Horseman is here!!!!

We always believed there was room for improvement with our 3 Horsebows. The Horsebow, Horsebow Deluxe and the Horsebow Express have been part of our product range for many years. The small but powerful bow has found many fans amongst archers. All of the different models were 48” long and were really only comfortable to […]

One of the best! – 3D Archery C...

One of the best! – 3D Archery Course Collenberg!

Daniel and Jürgen Goll are Bearpaw dealers whos passion for instinctive archery is remarkable! As well as running their shop “Scheibenpanik” they also offer, together with their associated sport club, their 3D course in Collenberg. This is their story…. Ever since 2007, in the lovely lower Frankonian village of Collenberg, you will find one of […]

Dura Backstop Netting now even better...

Dura Backstop Netting now even better!

The brass eyelets for securing the arrow safety nets were sometimes a weak point in the design. Although it didn’t happen often some customers experienced instances of the individual brass eyelets being pulled out. The new attachment method now used for our Dura back stop netting has not only solved this problem but also offers […]

The new armguard “Pure”

The new armguard “Pure”

We immediately liked the leather of this guard. It has such a natural and pure wrought feel! That is why we have called this guard the “Pure“. Sometimes it can be really difficult to find names for armguards and quivers. With this one we found that the name “Pure” fitted perfectly. In addition the functionality […]

Scheibenpanik – Traditional Archery i...

Scheibenpanik – Traditional Archery in Collenberg

The town of Collenberg in Lower Franconia has become a byword for traditional archery for many archers. Not only because of the opening in 2007 of one of Germany’s most well loved archery courses but also because of the strong bond with this course of the archery dealers Jürgen & Daniel Goll who together founded […]

Mohican Bow review from Bolster Impor...

Mohican Bow review from Bolster Import LTD in Haifa

Bearpaw Mohican review. (Bolster Import LTD, Haifa) We have to say thanks to Shay to do this nice review about our Bearpaw Mohican Take Down bow. Shay Peleg is the man behind Instinctive Archery in Israel. We are glad, to have such a passionated person behind Bearpaw Products, Bodnik Bows and traditional archery in Israel. […]

Protector Hats back in stock!

Protector Hats back in stock!

Bearpaw Protector Hat Some of you may have noticed that this product disappeared from our product line for a short while. This top quality and functional arrow protection product is now available again! Bearpaw never settles for second best and therefore we decided that a few improvements to our ordering system were called for. Due […]