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2nd Bearpaw Cup Romania 2014

Juli 28, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


Romania is a great country! A country with beautiful landscapes and unique nature. In the heart of Europe, there is a paradise still unknown to many people. The warm openness and friendliness of the people overwhelm us again and again.

This year, Henry Bodnik hosted the Bearpaw Cup Romania for the second time. The tournament was shot according to the points for a Kill Tournament developed by Henry Bodnik and finished with the so called ‘Final Cut’, already famous throughout the world. The Romanian Kill Tournament was organized by Codruta Angelescu in cooperation with Bearpaw Products. Codruta is the official distributor of Bearpaw Products in Romania and together with her partner Doru, she is a true pioneer in instinctive archery.

Here you can find a direct link to their website.

In the middle of the impressive landscape of the Carpathians, one can find the unique sports complex Cheile Gradistei-Moeciu. It is worth taking a look!

Together with Uwe Tesch, editor of the online magazine “Instinctive Archery”, and Doru the course was built in the mountains of the Carpathians. Uwe Tesch wanted to be on site to collect personal impressions for a report in his magazine.

Here you’ll find the link to the great online magazine for Instinctive archers:

“I can really recommend to take a look at this magazine! Great reports from around the world!” (Henry Bodnik)


Since only the kill hits counted with plus points in this tournament, all targets were set in close distances to create a hunting atmosphere. Body shots were even judged with minus points!

The day of setting up the parcours as well as the first day of the tournament were accompanied by heavy rain showers.
More than 100 archers with traditional material had signed up and Henry Bodnik wanted to set up a special tournament. Thus, the Bearpaw Cup Romania has already become the largest Kill Tournament outside of Germany. While setting up the coruse, Uwe Tesch won unique impressions which he will now be able to pass on to his readers.


On day 1, the tournament participants had to complete a two-arrow-round. Both arrows had to be shot and got into the scoring. Henry Bodnik could again create many tricky shots to give rise to the magic of a hunt in an impenetrable thicket. On the 2nd day, the course was shortened to 20 stations, so that all ratings were completed by noon. Only one arrow was shot per target. Bodyshots counted minus 5 points, while kill hits had a 20-plus point impact.

Here you will find the result lists of each bow class:

Bearpaw Cup Romania 2014

After evaluating the class winners, the tournament winners were determined in the ‘Final Cut’. Together with Uwe Tesch, Henry Bodnik built a time course on which the participants of the finals were to fight for the honor of the tournament victory and cash awards. Before the eyes of all tournament participants and spectators 30 archers took up this challenge. Even for the children, a separate final was held.
The excitement was palpable and felt by everyone!
The finalists had to shoot the ‘Final Cut’ course in 50 seconds and shoot 5 3-D-targets, each with one arrow. Only those who had completed all five positions (whether successful or not) were rewarded with 20 extra points. At each position, kill hits were rewarded with 20 points and body shots with 10 points. In the end, however, 5 archers successfully tied with 80 points. In yet another final, they then had to prove their precision. They had to complete three precision shots at a long distance before the eyes of all the spectators. The tension culminated, leaving many an arrow flying past the target with excitement.


Tournament winner and winner of the Final Cuts Romania Adults

1st place: Istvan Zsolt Racz Berecz
2nd place: Adrian Bostan
3rd place: Nitulescu Bogdan

Tournament winner and winner of the ‘Final Cut’ Romania Children
1 Ilinca Angelescu Danilet


Freedom of choice for the Bodnik Bows

Gabriel Nemes was selected for 1st prize at the final raffle.

In addition to 3-D animals and many other awards, the Bodnik Bows by Bearpaw Products are naturally coveted profits.
Gabriel has now decided and will soon be the proud owner of a Bodnik Bows Redman.

Bearpaw Products, Henry Bodnik and Uwe Tesch thank, above all, the passionate archers from Romania. Without you, this successful tournament would not have been possible.
You are the lifeline of Romanian archery!
We look forward to the Bearpaw Cup 2015 determined to have more than 150 traditional archers.

We love Instinctive Archery!

For the fotos of the Bearpaw Cup Romania 2014 – >>click here<<





Bearpaw Shortnews: Slick Stick Available from 15 lbs onwards

Juli 27, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Slick Stick Bodnik Bows


Here is some interesting news about our Bodnik Bows Slick Stick. This bow is from now on available from 15 lbs upwards measured at 28 Inches draw length. In combination with our Pentalon Slim Line 1600 carbon shafts, this makes for an extremely powerful bow & arrow-combination in the lower draw weight range. Give it a try – it’s worth it!


Hintergrundbild Wallpaper “Sandra Bow Fishing”
Sandra Bearpaw Bow Fishing


Bearpaw Cup Romania

Juli 21, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Henry Bodnik and Uwe Tesch are currently in Romania to arrange the second Bearpaw Cup Romania. In addition, Henry Bodnik will again teach his course in “Instinctive Archery with Henry Bodnik“ there. Many pictures from the tournament and the archery course can be found on the Bearpaw Facebook account. Once Henry and Uwe are back, there will also be an article here on the Bearpaw blog. However, if your want to take a peak, what Henry and Uwe experience in Romania, you should take a look at Facebook. Have fun browsing.

New Information Platform for Bearpaw Dealers and Distributors

Juli 15, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

In order to improve the flow of information with our Bearpaw dealers and distributors, we have created a new platform. It is important to timely inform our dealers and distributors about news, deliveries and problems.

To this end, we have created the entry „Dealer News” on our Bearpaw blog in the dealer area.

The entry for our Dealer News can be found on the official Bearpaw blog in the foot area of the left navigation bar.

Bearpaw Dealer News

This area is password protected and only available to dealers and distributors of Bearpaw Products. The password can be obtained from our customer service:



The Mohawk Will Come Out on July 30th

Juli 14, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Discussed and longingly expected.

The Mohawk has completely broken up our time frame in development. With regard to our great warranty of 30 years, we had to perform extensive testing before the launch of the takedown Mohawk. This is the only way we can guarantee the extraordinary properties of our Bodnik Bows.

After all, Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik personally guarantee a 30 years lifespan for each Bodnik Bow
Warranty conditions for the Bodnik Bows can be found here: Bodnik Bows 30 years Warranty

1. Dry Firing Tests
We have performed dry firing tests for many bows. Time and again we have analyzed the glueing of woods and optimized it with high quality Mycarta. Newly developed Bodnik Bows must be able to compensate a maximum of energy to ensure their great performance. In the first test series, we still found significant shortcomings in detail.

“Some of the handles broke in the empty shot test.” Our Mohawk limbs have performed uniquely in these tests. Not a single pair of limbs was damaged in the dry firing tests. Some limbs have survived more than 200 dry firing tests. After all, we also had to test the handles.

2. Max Draw Test
In a maximum draw test we burden our limbs over charge and pull them out to well over 35 inches. We want to find the comfort zone and test the resilience of the limbs. There is no extension limit for any Bodnik Bow.

“For a bow laminated with fiberglass a draw limit is absolute nonsense,” A bow layered with glass that is made ​​properly cannot be destroyed by drawing it out. It only leaves its comfort zone.

I am glad to announce to all the fans of Bodnik Bows that the development of the Mohawk is completed. The first Mohawks were delivered to major and renowned experts around the world for testing to gather expert opinions.

On 30 July, the Bodnik Bows Mohawk takedown will go online and can be ordered in our online shop.

As part of the Bearpaw dealer meeting earlier this year we gave the participating Bearpaw dealers the exclusive opportunity to pre-order Mohawk bows. Meanwhile, more than 200 Mohawks have already been sold.

Bodnik Bows Germany has exceeded its own targets by far. Presently, 6 bowyers work at our new production site in Ahorn, Germany and handicraft our Bodnik Bows for you every day. We put our foot to the floor so you don’t have to wait too long!

Proud of achievements that we have made, we look forward to delivering the Mohawk series to you.

We are proud: “Mohawk Multi Takedown Made in Germany“!

New Roe from longlife 3d targets

Juli 06, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

A new Longlife 3D-target is about to be released. In July this year, the new standing deer by Christoph Unger’s company Longlife 3D-Targets will hit the market and, as is the case for all the other targets of this company, the standing deer looks excellent! We are looking forward to giving you accurate data and facts for the release of the 3D-animal. For now, a photo must suffice – more detailed information will come in July. We are very excited!

The Vexing Problem with the Wooden Arrows

Juli 02, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


Again and again it happens that certain spine values ​​of wooden arrows are not available. Naturally, this is an issue of frustration for the archers who need the unavailable spine value. But here the mistake often lies with Mother Nature!

The spine value of a wooden shaft depends on the area of ​​growth of the timber, where the trees grow exactly, as well as various other influences.
Of course we can try to get a variety of spine values by spreading the areas of growth when purchasing the raw wood. Mostly this works out pretty well. However, there is never a guarantee that we get all the spine values ​​that we need. At Bearpaw Products, spine values ​​are measured fully automatically with an ultra-modern spining facility. Our spine figures are absolutely accurate at Bearpaw Products. No compromises are made here.


Jerry Dishion, the owner of Rose City Archery (manufacturer of cedar shafts), once made a striking statement concerning this issue:

“If you think everything is alright,
Mother Nature gives you a kick in the bottom!”

Wood is a natural product and it can never be guaranteed that exactly the spine values ​​that we need are available. Thus spine values ​​higher than 40 lbs are often quite difficult to obtain for shafts with a diameter of 5/16 inches. At the same time, spine values ​​lower than 45 lbs are often just as difficult to obtain for shaft of a diameter of 11/23 inches.

As already said!
In the purchase of wood and when correcting the shaft diameter minimally (max + / – 0.2 mm), one can make certain optimizations.

But you can never know!

Wood is a part of Mother Nature.
And Mother Nature is unpredictable.

Draw Weight Measured at 28 Inches in the Future

Juni 29, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

When selecting the draw weight it is actually a worldwide standard to dimension the draw weight for series bows to 28 inches.
For children and youth bows draw weight is often sized to 24 inches. For many customers, this causes confusion and makes it difficult to select the right draw weight.

The Bodnik bows Sioux, Mingo, Tombow, Ghost and Phantom are affected.
Moreover, especially the bows Ghost and Phantom are appreciated and shot by many adult archers.

To facilitate the selection of the right draw weight and introduce a single dimension, the draw weight on subsequent bows will in the future always be specified at 28 inches.
Existing orders will be produced and delivered according to the old method.

Change of draw weight dimensioning:
Bodnik Bows Mingo: in the future draw weight is dimensioned to 28 inches
Bodnik Bows Tombow: in the future draw weight is dimensioned to 28 inches
Bodnik Bows Sioux: in the future draw weight is dimensioned to 28 inches
Bodnik Bows Ghost: in the future draw weight is dimensioned to 28 inches
Bodnik Bows Phantom (available from mid-July in our online shop): draw weight is dimensioned to 28 inches



10th Bearpaw Cup

Juni 22, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


For the third time the “Ellerbacher Bogner“ club were allowed to organize the legendary Bearpaw Cup. For the 10th anniversary of the Bearpaw Cup, about 190 archers had subscribed. For this special event a unique 3D course of 10 km length with 32 stations, over 130 3D-animals and rich in variety was assembled. Particularly appealing was the alternation of light and shadow between forest and meadow and trickily selected shooting positions for which it was not always possible to shoot in correct standing posture. Here, especially the instinctive archers got their money’s worth.

On Saturday night, the country band Traveling Bones played to dance until late in the night, and the bar open to almost 3.00 clock in the morning, thus clouded the perception of a few instinctive archers for the next tournament day …

Of course, Henry Bodnik also wanted to be there. So he traveled to arrive in time on Sunday to shoot a part of the parcours and to talk to his fans and to sign one or the other hat and bow. In the subsequent award presentation, prizes totaling approximately 3,500,- € were distributed to the archers. The absolute highlight of this tournament was the lottery, in which a custom made Bodnik bow could be won. A thoroughly enjoyable anniversary tournament ended with much applause for the winner.

Gerd Bechtel, Bow Targets






Penthalon SLIM LINE in New Quality

Juni 18, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


The Bearpaw Slim Line Series is a new generation of carbon shafts and carbon arrows with a great performance. In all our tests, the Slim Line series fared better than the conventional thicker carbon shafts. We are sure that these new carbon arrows will make their way in traditional archery.
Admittedly, at first it’s a bit strange to shoot thinner carbon arrows. However, the features of these new carbon shafts are able to convince anybody quickly and sustainably. In addition, weight and stability leave nothing to be desired in comparison to thicker carbon shafts.

Click here to go directly to the new Bearpaw carbon shafts:

Advantages of the Slim Line carbon arrows and carbon shafts

  • arrows stabilize faster in flight
  • flat trajectory
  • high stability due to thicker carbon walls

Slim Line products:

  • Penthalon Slim Line carbon shafts black
  • Penthalon Slim Line carbon shafts timber
  • Penthalon Slim Line carbon arrows with fletches
  • Penthalon Slim Line carbon arrows traditional with feathers

Available spine values:
400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1300, 1600

Material Slim Line carbon arrows and shafts:
Bearpaw cross weave carbon

Technical information:

Penthalon Slim Line Black - Bearpaw Products