The new Bodnik Bows Quick Stick 2015

Here’s the first press release on our new Bodnik bows Quick Stick! The first official pictures can be seen in our new Bearpaw catalog 2015/2016. Instinctive Archery on an enormous 200 pages. Next week there will be a first insight and more information.

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Wolfie Hughes is one of the best archers in the UK. An exceptional talent who has already cracked some records with our Bodnik Bows. Accompany Wolfie on his first impressions of the new Bodnik bows Quick Stick! You can pre-order the new Bodnik Bows Quick Stick from 29th March in the Bearpaw online shop

We love our Bodnik bows!
Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products

The new Bearpaw catalog will soon be out in English

The new Bearpaw catalog is nearing completion and will go into graphic print soon. Our catalog has become a cult object and arcchers all around the world wait for it enthusiastically.

Our catalog will have about 200 pages and will be filled with lots of information. Some of this important information has been requested by our customers over and over again, and it is time that it is published.

You will find two detailed tables with the correct spine values ​​for wooden and carbon arrows in this catalog.  There will also be descriptions of the static and dynamic spines and the correct bare-shaft-test. This will help archers to save money in many places and find the right shafts and arrows.

With this information, I publish important parts of my experience and valued customer advice for the first time. Within the new Bearpaw catalog, there will already be some excerpts from my new book „The Bible of Instinctive Archery“.

We have put a lot of work and energy in our new catalog.
The catalog is filled with many great products and images.

We are sure that you will again love it.

We will charge a nominal fee of 5 Euros for the new catalog. We want to give our specialist catalog out to interested archers only.

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Based on the pre-order catalogs, we will determine our final edition. Help us to print enough catalogs and preorder your very own copy.

Among all catalog orders which we receive by the 1st March, 2015 we are giving away 50 Bearpaw Archery calendars!

We’ll need pre-orders on our new catalog latest by 1st March and, of course, you can also preorder via email:

Bodnik Bows Warranty


Two days ago one of our customers did a post on his Facebook wall about the warranty of our Bodnik Bows. We like to pass this directly to you.
Post from Udo Weinlein


Last year in December my former, private Bodnik Redman died…I’ve been at full draw as a cracking sound reached my ears and the power on my fingers was gone immediately…yes, it’s really too bad…the lower limb was broken

I bought that bow, already used, so there was no original bill, neither a voucher where you could read the age of the bow from… I think the bow was at least at an age of 10-15 years.

Additionally the former owner did some snakeskin on the limbs, what means a significant change on the bow…
So what to do in such a situation ?



Well I contacted Bearpaw, the manufacturer of the bow, which advertises to give a 30years warranty on their bows.


So a good chance to give it a try, but being the second hand owner, no documents about the bow, and the changes on the bow, done by the first owner, made me doubt…

But I thought wrong…the bow has been substituted by a brandnew one, within a quite short period of time(about 6 weeks) …For a little surcharge I have even been able to go for the bigger 64″ model.

IMG_6695The new bow arrived today and is a dream…
So you can say what you want, but this service is great and outstanding…
Highest respect and many thanks to Bearpaw-Products for that !!

Here are some pics of the old one and the new….”
Udo Weinlein



Slick Stick Video Review

Many thanks to the Westwood Archer for his video review of our Bodnik Bows Slick Stick. We are thrilled how all around the world enthusiastic archers shoot our Slick Stick and share their experiences with us. We will continue to develop great products for traditional archery and traditional bow hunters.

Review of our Bearpaw Super Glove


Last night we found this video about our Bearpaw Super Glove on YouTube. We do not want to hide it from you! In many places enthusiastic archers test our products and put short videos on YouTube to share their experiences.

At this point I would like to personally thank all of you for your efforts and enthusiasm with which you use our Bearpaw products and share your experiences.

Write us an email when you have put a video on the web! We are happy to present these videos to a wider audience on our blog. The Bearpaw blog is regularly visited by more than 70 000 people each month.

Cordial Thanks

Henry M Bodnik

Bearpaw Products

Fantastic Archery Fair in Wels

A story of success is being continued!

Under the direction of Bernhard Badegruber, leader of the archery center in Breitenstein, the 2nd Archery Fair took place in Wels, Austria on the 8th and 9th February.


The exhibitors were overrun with 12.000 visitors, an incredible number
for European standards. The high density of 3 D courses and great number of archery clubs in Austria was reflected by the high frequency and great number of archers and exhibition visitors.

Archery comes over big in Austria!


With great success, Bearpaw dealers introduced our new Penthalon carbon shafts to the interested archers. Especially the new Bamboo Hunters with their authentic Bamboo decor were greeted with enthusiasm. Starting next week, the new Penthalon carbon shafts will be available in our Bearpaw online shop and with Bearpaw dealers all over Europe.


The presentations, lectures and tournaments offered in Wels are unrivaled and unique for European archery fairs. Henry Bodnik, Dietmar Vorderegger and Urte Paulus gave presentations on specialist subjects and were open for discussion.


We especially appreciate the great interest archers showed in Henry Bodnik‘s presentation on the  secrets of instinctive archery. Almost 500 visitors came to listen to Henry’s two lectures to get to know more about this fascinating shooting style. Henry rounded out his presentation with a demonstration on “the right way to do the bare shaft test”, and then stood his ground for an open discussion with the interested archers.


All round, one could only see smiling faces: Dealers, producers and archers alike were happy and content.

One thing was obvious at the end of the 2nd Fishing and Archery Fair in Wels:

Europe’s most successful archery fair has found its place in Wels and in the archers’ hearts!

See you next year in Wels!

7th Kill Tournament 2015 in Eisenbach


Each year, the “kill tournament ” by Henry Bodnik attracts many ambitious archers to the Archery Hotel Bad in the Black Forest.

I am looking forward to meeting as many archers as possible on the first weekend in May (2nd to 3rd May,2015) at our “Kill Tournament” in the Black Forest. Like every year, I will create the course personally.

I will give this tournament my very own touch.

The Kill Tournament is unique and demands special shooting capabilities of the archers. All targets are positioned within a range of up to max. 28 meters, so that it is possible to hit the „kill zone” on 3-D target. Faster arrow flight is more of a hindrance! A groundhog is only 5 meters away after all!

It is essential to hit the kill zone! For this is the only way to collect credits in the end.

For body shots, adult archers will gain negative credits. Only on our little archers we turn a blind eye and work without the minus rating.

I will position every shooting situation having real hunting conditions in mind. On hunting trips in Texas, Indiana and Alberta I witnessed many extraordinary moments and situations. I include this experience to 100% in my Kill Tournament. I love to host this tournament and puzzle out every single shooting situation.

The Kill Tournament is the annual peak and a big challenge for many participants. My classification is perfectly suited for instinctive and traditional archery and is being adapted by an increasing number of tournaments.


In recent years, many national and international shooters have found their way to Eisenbach, because after all, the winner will receive € 1,000 prize money!



During the so-called “Real Kill Shoot“, the best broadhead archer will be determined with a shot from a treestand onto a boar dummy. The event will, of course, be moderated by me!



The best 3 men and women of all classes will then play against each other on Sunday in a final shoot-out. In the final shootout to determine the tournament winner, the victorious archery will be rewarded with a prize money of 1,000 Euros. Come and take pot luck what will be expecting you this year at my Kill Tournament!
This year there will be a national ranking for the first time.
Meanwhile, we have received information that there will be archers from Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany.
For Romania, Canada and Poland, we have also received information that there is strong interest.
Which nation will win the national ranking at the 7th Kill Tournament?
Don’t you fear possible negative credits?
Brave enough for the Kill Tournament?
Well then, register already!
Registration via email:
I am looking forward to seeing you all,
Henry M. Bodnik

The tricky arrow spine

Courtesy of the “Instinctive Archery MAGAZINE” (
Especially for wooden arrow shafts it is most important that the arrow matches the bow and archer, so that it can be used perfectly. The spine of a wooden shaft is the starting point to find the right arrow for a bow.The archer usually depends on their dealer’s precise and truthful information about that.
At Bearpaw Products, the spine of wooden arrow shafts is measured with the latest technology. According to Henry Bodnik, founder and CEO of Bearpaw Products, this “Spining system” is a one-of-a kind unit and guarantees precise arrow spines. Henry allowed us a backstage sneak peek and explained his new device to us.
Uwe: Henry, what was your intention in constructing this machine? What gave you the idea?
Henry: There were always discussions about the spine value of wooden shafts. All devices for “hobby section measuring”  produce more or less diverging results.
That is because these are just devices for the “hobby section”.
Therefore it was necessary to set a new standard. Up to now, all wooden arrow shafts were hand spined in a complex procedure at Bearpaw Products – and you can certainly imagine that  we process and measure a lot of wooden shafts!
It was a real challenge in the past to do a precise measuring of this huge amount of shafts with our old arrow spine station.
Uwe: This new machine looks huge! I’ve never seen anything like it before!
Henry: This arrow spining station is really one-of a kind! Some time ago we had the former CEO of Goldtip here for a visit, he was visibly impressed by this machine.
Even a technician from the USA was sent over to test the machine and its possible application for GoldTip, but in the end they found it too expensive.
This here is a special construction, in my opinion a masterpiece of German engineering.
Uwe: Where was this machine constructed?
Henry: The machine was developed by a German technician. I gave him the important information about the functions and parameters it should have. Working together with an engineering company here in upper Franconia, we could then implement this ambitious project.
Uwe:  Could you explain the individual work steps and the capability of this “arrow spining machine”?
Henry:  With pleasure! Of course it is a complex and comprehensive procedure.
Here we have the first workstation. The wooden arrow shafts are put into this container and  get transported to the second processing position, which is the spining process. Here the wood shafts get separated. Because it occurs here and there that the shafts aren’t positioned properly, the machine has an ejector that puts the shafts back into the collection container.
Following we get to the most important processing at the second workstation. Here the wooden shaft gets spined, they are measured by ATA standard.
Here the shaft is rolling onto the gaging station and  gets properly positioned. Afterwards, it gets a deflection with 2lbs. This deflection is measured and acquired by a computer.
In the next step it gets  turned around 1/3 of its circumference and is measured another time. All in all the wooden shaft gets measured three times.
The measuring of the deflection – which actually is what “spining” means, is done with the latest laser technology. The computer takes the highest measured spine value  as the basis for further processing. Then the shaft gets ejected and rolls onto the next, the 3rd work.
Here the straightness of the arrow gets measured, also via laser technology, to get exact results. Now the right spine value of this wood shaft gets printed on in a 4th work step. Therefore, a high-quality ink printer was integrated into the machine.
Then a gripper arm swoops for the wood shaft. In that arrow spine machine, a Siemens computer is integrated to control and steer the correct processing and allocation. The wooden shaft now gets transported to the matching box for its spine.
To manage this, there’s a sorting agent integrated in the spine machine, to make sure all different spined shafts get stored in the right box.  The spine machine automatically switches to „fault modus“ when one of the boxes is filled with the max. amount of 10 arrow shafts.
All shafts which aren’t assignable are stored in a collecting box.
Uwe: So the wood shafts gets completely automatically measured and controlled here at Bearpaw!
Henry: Well, not all completely, in the very beginning of the process there is still handwork required. Before the wood shafts are placed in the 1st workstation, they get controlled for the correct plankwise run of the wood grain, which is done by an employee. Only if the wood grain in the shaft runs straight and consistent, it can be used as an arrow.
Uwe: I am absolutely impressed by this system! How would you describe the purpose of this machine with just a few words?
Henry: Here a wooden round stick gets refined to an arrow shaft!
We are proud that we are selling our wood shafts all over the globe. Wooden arrow shafts made in Germany.
Uwe: Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this impressive machine to us!
Henry:  It was my pleasure, Uwe.  
It’s  important for me to make processes here at Bearpaw HQ transparent and share them with the archers.
By the way, if you want every 3 months exclusive reports, articles, news about instinctive archery,
I strongly suggest you the “Instinctive Archery MAGAZINE.”
An edition for 5.99 € or 4 for the price of 19,99 €.
Worth it !!