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The Exciting New Bodnik Longbow !!!

The Exciting New Bodnik Longbow !!!

Designing the NEW Bodnik Longbow was quite challenging! We decided to create a longbow that was very smooth to draw, natural to point, and offered a powerful cast. We wanted beautiful flowing lines, the best materials, and all the quality and performance our customers have come to expect from Bodnik Bows. In addition to all of […]

Win a Penthalon Blackfoot or Mohican ...

Win a Penthalon Blackfoot or Mohican !!!!

Merlin Archery, our strong UK distributor. is certainly impressed with our Penthalon bows! Check out their excellent Video Review below. The folks at Merlin Archery are clearly enthusiastic about our Penthalon Blackfoot and Penthalon Mohican bows! Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end to see how you could win one […]

Henry Bodnik’s Instinctive Arch...

Henry Bodnik’s Instinctive Archery Course Dates for 2018 are online now!

Henry Bodnik has been teaching instinctive archery for more than 20 years and is committed to teaching his philosophy to all those interested in shooting traditional archery. Many thousands of enthusiastic students have attended his courses and are spreading the word of just how good they are. The courses and the locations that they are […]

Impressions from the 2nd Bearpaw Kill...

Impressions from the 2nd Bearpaw Kill Tournament held in Austria

We are pleased to be able to share with you some of the highlights and our impressions of the 2nd Bearpaw Kill Tournament held in Austria. Like always, the film editing has been delayed for a while because we had so many assorted video clips and recordings to sort through and edit to compile a […]

The Legendary Mohawk from Bodnik Bows

The Legendary Mohawk from Bodnik Bows

We would like to thank all the bowhunters and archers world-wide for all the positive feedback and testimonials they have shared with us directly and in our social media networks about all our Bearpaw Products and especially our Bodnik Bows Mohawk! We are thrilled! There has been an overwhelming positive response to the Bodnik Bow […]

Video Presentation of our impressive ...

Video Presentation of our impressive Bodnik Bows Slick Stick

Our Bodnik Bows Slick Stick is a special bow. It has earned a special success unknown to other Bodnik Bows. We are thrilled with all the letters and videos we have received praising this special bow – our one-of-a-kind Slick Stick. A special thanks to Christian Labbe from Montreal, Canada for this enjoyable video presentation […]

Bearpaw Products discontinues doing b...

Bearpaw Products discontinues doing business with Abbey Archery!

Effective immediately! Bearpaw Products  is no longer doing business with Abbey Archery in Australia. The company – Abbey Archery in Australia – is no longer a member of the Bearpaw Worldwide Dealer Network. Differences in the handling of; customer service, consulting, and communication among business partners forced us to make the decision to drop Abby […]

The Bodnik Bows Custom Redman in Cana...

The Bodnik Bows Custom Redman in Canada

Christian Labbe is a traditional archery enthusiast from Montreal, Canada. He wanted to get just the right bow for himself so he consulted Henry Bodnik personally so Henry could help him with the ordering of a new customized bow. The two of them discussed many technical aspects of the various bows and bow options that […]

A Video Test-Review of the NEW Bodnik...

A Video Test-Review of the NEW Bodnik Bows Kiowa

Just a few months ago, after making a few changes, we introduced our new Bodnik Bows Kiowa. After many successful years selling the original Kiowa, we decided to change the look of this short and powerful hunting recurve. We had two main ideas in mind – so we asked our loyal customers to vote on […]

This classic Traditional Shooting Glo...

This classic Traditional Shooting Glove is now available from Bearpaw Products!!

This classic Traditional Shooting Glove is steeped in tradition. The simple and funtional design can be found in many old vintage pictures from the early days of traditional archery. The Traditional Shooting Glove protects the archer’s fingers while still allowing a good feel of the bowstring. There are no annoying seams to bother the shooting […]