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The Bearpaw Kill Tournament with Prize Money Will Take Place on 3rd and 4th May

April 06, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


Each year, the “kill tournament ” by Henry Bodnik attracts many ambitious archers to the Archery Hotel Bad in the Black Forest. This unique tournament receives its name from the particular rating of the shooting situations. In contrast to almost all other tournaments, only hits in the so-called “kill zone ” of the 3 D target are rated with credits in this tournament. All other hits of the 3 D target outside the kill zone are counted in penalty credits. Misses are evaluated with 0 credits.

No target stands further away than a maximum distance of 28 meters. The difficulties in this tournament rather lie in the extraordinary shooting situations and positions. Henry Bodnik personally creates each shooting situation according to his own creed!


In the final shooting on the second day, the best five archers of all classes shoot against each other. This is how the winner of the tournament will be determined. In the final shooting, shots are tailored to instinctive archers. The concept of instinctive archery is omnipresent in these two days of the tournament. Both the bow classes as well as the entire tournament are tailor-made for instinctive archers.

The sponsoring with prize money by Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik each year attract many international top shooters for the Bearpaw Kill Tournament to the Archery Hotel Bad.


Cash prizes for the Bearpaw Kill Tournament of Henry Bodnik

1st Tournament Win and 1000 Euro Prize Money
2nd 500 Euro Bonus Money
3rd 300 Euro Bonus Money

Last year, the tournament victory and prize money were won by a Czech archer with a longbow and wooden arrows. He was able to beat all competitors in the finals.

“Here in this tournament only instinctive archers can win! ” (Henry Bodnik)

Bearpaw Kill Bonus Turnier

Bearpaw Kill Bonus Turnier

Bodnik Bows writes history

April 02, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Crazy dry fire test with the Bodnik Bows Slick Stick!

Traditional Bows of a new generation!

Made in Germany!
Unbelievable robust!
Outrageously fast!

30 years Bodnik Bows warranty!

Bodnik Bows Slick Stick will be released during April!!

Pictures from the Archery Course Weekend

April 02, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

The pictures from our Archery Course Weekend with Henry Bodnik are online! Have fun watching!

Pics from the Basic Course Instinctive Archery:

Pics from the Advanced Course Instinctive Archery:

Archery Course with Henry Bodnik

März 31, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

This weekend Henry and Markus visited the Bogensporthotel Bad in the Blackwood Forrest to give a Basic and an Advanced Archery Course in instinctive Archery. We had the camera with us and we think this gives you a pretty good idea how it is to participate in one of Henry Bodnik’s famous Archery Courses. Enjoy!

Archery Course with Henry Bodnik in the Black Wood Forrest

März 29, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

This weekend Henry is giving two of his Archery Training Sessions in the Black Wood Forrest. Fotos and Videos will be available on Monday or Tuesday – we have lots of work here and both students and teachers are enjoying this magnificent weekend. Enjoy!





A look behind the scenes of making the Bearpaw Penthalon carbon arrows

März 24, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

The Bearpaw Slim Line carbon shafts and arrows are shot by archers all over the world.

The name Penthalon stands for our own line of production.

Just as in bow making we place high value on both quality and functionality. It is essential to visit the manufacturer from time to time to obtain information about manufacturing processes personally. This is the only way to sustainably deliver quality within the appropriate price range!

In this field of work just as much as in others, we are continuously interested to improve our quality. In the past few days, Henry Bodnik visited the new production facility for Penthalon carbon shafts personally. All the production steps were presented and controlled! Important quality standards were discussed and ensured!

At how many degrees is the carbon inserted?
How is the carbon arrow structured?
How accurate are the methods for measuring straightness, spine and weight?

In the future, the Penthalon Slim Line arrow will be even more precise and gain a great deal of robustness!

We have introduced a new standard, so that all shafts and arrows will be made with a straightness of 003! Weight and spine tolerances are put to a minimum!
The specific cross-linking and position of the carbon layers makes the shafts more resistant!

The selling price will remain unaffected!

The new Slim Line shafts will be available at Bearpaw soon!
We will inform you in advance here on the blog and on Facebook!

In the following, we give you a glimpse of the production of carbon shafts with a few pictures.







Bearpaw News 22 – Little Robber

März 19, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

In today’s episode of Bearpaw News Sandra is showing you how to string our kids bow “Little Robber”. Enjoy!

New Wallpapers online!

März 16, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

Last week we made some new Wallpaper fotos for you. Here are two shots for you of the many pics we made with our Bearpaw girl Sandra and her Slick Stick. Hope you like it!

You can also find the wallpaper fotos in our “Wallpaper”-section in the menu on the left side. Enjoy!

Hintergrundbild Wallpaper “Sandra Steinbruch”
Sandra Bearpaw Steinbruch


Hintergrundbild Wallpaper “Sandra Bow Fishing”
Sandra Bearpaw Bow Fishing


Bearpaw News 21 – Taper Tool parallel

März 12, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein

In our latest episode of Bearpaw News we are presenting the new Taper Tool parallel. Furthermore we are showing you how easy it is to get your wooden shafts ready for parallel glue points. Hope you enjoy watching!

Click here to get to the “taper tool parallel”


6th Bearpaw Kill Tournament

März 10, 2014 By: MarkusFlach Category: Allgemein


It has meanwhile become a tradition that every year on the first weekend in May (3rd to 4th May, 2014 ), the Kill Bonus Tournament takes place in the Black Forest. Henry Bodnik creates every shooting situation personally and therefore the shots command a high level of attention from the shooters. Shots are taken at hunting distances and only „kill-hits“ are counted; body shots count as minus points. The best men and women of all classes then compete against one another on Sunday in a final shoot-out.

In recent years, many national and international shooters found their way to Eisenbach, Black Forest, because, after all, the winners will be rewarded with a 1000 Euro bonus! The so-called “Real Kill Shoot“ determines the best broadhead shooters with a shot from the treestand onto the dummy of a boar. The whole thing, of course, is moderated by Henry!

We are all looking forward very much to this year’s tournament – for the exact please look at the attached announcement of the tournament. Now all you have to do is quickly subscribe by writing an email to, because the berths are limited.

Bearpaw Kill Bonus Turnier

Bearpaw Kill Bonus Turnier