10th Bearpaw Cup


For the third time the “Ellerbacher Bogner“ club were allowed to organize the legendary Bearpaw Cup. For the 10th anniversary of the Bearpaw Cup, about 190 archers had subscribed. For this special event a unique 3D course of 10 km length with 32 stations, over 130 3D-animals and rich in variety was assembled. Particularly appealing was the alternation of light and shadow between forest and meadow and trickily selected shooting positions for which it was not always possible to shoot in correct standing posture. Here, especially the instinctive archers got their money’s worth.

On Saturday night, the country band Traveling Bones played to dance until late in the night, and the bar open to almost 3.00 clock in the morning, thus clouded the perception of a few instinctive archers for the next tournament day …

Of course, Henry Bodnik also wanted to be there. So he traveled to arrive in time on Sunday to shoot a part of the parcours and to talk to his fans and to sign one or the other hat and bow. In the subsequent award presentation, prizes totaling approximately 3,500,- € were distributed to the archers. The absolute highlight of this tournament was the lottery, in which a custom made Bodnik bow could be won. A thoroughly enjoyable anniversary tournament ended with much applause for the winner.

Gerd Bechtel, Bow Targets