1st Kill Tournament in Austria


Austria is a crazy place! The passion for the instinctive archery is like a fever and here are more 3D course than you can count.

Many Austrian archers have asked about the Kill Tournaments organized by Henry Bodnik.

Now the time has come! Michael Wagner is an extremely enthusiastic archer as well as being a Top Bearpaw Dealer. He is also very passionate about representing Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows in Austria. He has nagged Henry Bodnik repeatedly until finally the first Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Austria became a reality.

1st. Bearpaw Kill Turnament Austria 13th and 14th August 2016

13181006_816766978468310_782745471_nAround the world instinctive archers have experienced these superb tournaments by Henry Bodnik, shot according to the Kill Tournament rules, and have been completely bowled over by these very special events. Henry completely understands why, with its special rules and shooting positions it is possible to recreate that bow hunting feeling in a on 3D animal tournament. The maximum shooting distance is only 28 meters! What makes it tricky is that only “kill shots” are awarded plus points. Similar to all other Kill Tournaments, in Austria there will be a shoot-out in the final with the winners of each category competing to win a total of 900euros!

Ausschreibung_v2What makes these competitions special is that every single shooting position is set by Henry Bodnik. Michael Wagner is known by many as “Holzmichl“. He has done astounding things for instinctive archery in Austria with his Archers shop “Bogensport beim Holzmichl“. He is a huge fan of our Bodnik Bows Redman and has impressed many archers with his direct and natural manner. His 3D course and his technical expertize are a reflection of his passion for instinctive archery.


The shooting grounds ofHolzmichl” Holzmichl ” must be incredible! He has raved about the area to Henry and given him a real appetite to organize his kill tournament there.


We are really excited about what “Holzmichl” and his team are going to have in store for us. From what we have seen the photo speak for themselves and it certainly looks like the is plenty of opportunity for Henry Bodnik to set up some really special and tricky shots.

For these tournaments every single shooting position has my own personal stamp on it and will be set up with pure instinctive shooting in mind. I love Instinctive archery and I will pull out all the stops to make sure that at the end of the final an Instinctive Archer will reap the rewards of their instinctive skill!
(Henry Bodnik)

13225134_816760685135606_990817079_oAt the end of the first days competition there will once again be a broadhead shooting side event. At the end of the award ceremony Henry Bodnik will raffle off many prizes to express his thanks to all the loyal fans and archers of the Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows brands.

For registrations In Austria they have a great system. Below is the link to sign up for our 1st Bearpaw Kill Tournament Austria


If you just fancy experiencing a visit to “Holzmichl” in Austria, or want to enter you directly , you will find all the information on their website. Simply click on the link below………………


Of course we would be particularly pleased if we have many archers from Germany taking part in the 1st Bearpaw Kill tournament in Austria . Dont forget, there will be a national ranking competition too!

Until now the national ranking has always been won by Germany!!!