2016 was Bearpaws’ Year!

2016 is nearly over and the year is drawing to a close!

For Bearpaw Products 2016 was a very eventful and successful year!


Bearpaw Products has once again grown in the double digit percentage range and has further expanded its company profile within the traditional archery world!
Because of their excellent quality and availability our Bearpaw feathers have launched themselves into the market and have been a huge triumph all around the world! And our Bodnik Bows have been making history in every country which fills us with immense pride!
Since November 2016 we have been building our bows at a third site in accordance with our strict quality guidelines in order to meet the global demand. The huge demand is a big challenge for us but one that we take very seriously!

With Oliver Schmidt, Tobias Rohr and Tim Beier we have 3 new employees who are here to support us in dealing with any challenges as the company progresses. It is important to look ahead and set the course for a successful future.

Ultimately we still have many things planned at Bearpaw Products!

We are proud of what has been achieved and look forward to the tasks of the future! We would like to thank our large Bearpaw family around the world! Thank you very much for your loyalty and enthusiasm!

Thank you for the fantastic 2016!

2016 was definitely Bearpaws’ year!

To all archers around the world have a fantastic 2017. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful new year!

Feel the Spirit of Traditional Archery

Henry and Dorothea Bodnik and the whole Bearpaw Products Team