24.09.2017 Switzerland will get a small taste of what a Bearpaw Kill Tournament can be like!

IMG_2205Many archers from Switzerland have asked us to bring one of our unique and exciting Kill Tournaments to Switzerland. In June of 2018, we will host the 1st Kill Tournament ever held in Switzerland together with our strong dealer, Bearpaw Switzerland and the bow school of Kröhl. This is going to be a good time. We ill post more details as we get closer.

Bearpaw Products and Bearpaw Switzerland sponsored the 3D animal targets for the tournament of the BSC Widen-Bremgarten. Those who participate in that tournament will get a small taste of how exciting a full fledged Bearpaw Kill Tournament can be!


On September 24, 2017, a small, mini-kill tournament will be held at the BSC Widen-Bremgarten in Switzerland!

The theme of the second day of this year’s BSC Widen-Bremgarten archery tournament is “Kill Tournament” and will give the shooters an idea of what a Bearpaw Kill Tournament is like. The two arrow round is modeled after our famous “Kill Tournament”. The shots are all set up as challenging hunting situations shot at true hunting distances and will give the archers an opportunity to get a good feel of what to expect next year when the first full international Bearpaw Kill Tournament is held in Switzerland put on by Martin Kröhl and Thomas Kaufmann (Bearpaw Switzerland), This 1st full Bearpaw Kill-Tournament to be held in Switzerland in 2018 will be exclusively presented by Henry Bodnik (Bearpaw Products) and, of course Henry Bodnik will be there for the entire tournament and will personally oversee the festivities and announce the respective winners.

Our small tournament in Widen-Bremgarten on 24.09.2017 is well worth attending. There are even still some FREE places available! ( https://www.bscwb.ch )

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