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300 Euro Trophy Money at the Razzor Back Kill Shoot in Eisenbach

Razzor Back Banner

The Real Kill Shot at the Bearpaw Kill Tournament has a new name.
A new sponsor has discovered his love for our Kill Tournament. Günter Haase, the father of Razzor Back Snacks, is himself an enthusiastic archer and is thrilled of our “Real Kill Shoot” with broadheads. What is the Razzor Back Snack anyway?

Razzor Back Killshoot

“For often long trips abroad, Beef Jerkeys (dried meat) in all their diversity were always a part of our diet. Back home in Germany, this snack, which was with us everywhere and at all times, unfortunately remained unreachable for us.
For us it was now time to create the Razzor Back. It exactly meets with our taste – smoked, sturdy, in one piece.”(Günter Haase).
The Razzor Back Snack is a dried meat of wild boar and has about 60% best protein. According to the motto “From Hunters, for Hunters” this quality jerkey is a high-energy snack that offers “Natural Power” and should be with you in every tournament or when you go bowhunting.

Razzor Back Killshoot

The Razzor Back Kill Shoot takes place during the Bearpaw Kill Tournament in Eisenbach on Saturday afternoon, May 4th. From a treestand, an arrow with broadhead is shot onto a wild boar dummy.
Peppered with the pointed comments of Henry Bodnik, authentic hunting feeling will be created with this near-hunting situation. Head to head, and by the elimination system, the best archer will be determined by their best shot.

We are proud to pepper the first place of the Razzor Back Kill Shoot with a prize money of 300 Euros. Günter Haase has provided this amount for this unique competition in Germany. For the second and third places, there will be Razzor Back Jerkey asa prize.
Günter will also be on hand to present his amazing product and to answer questions.


Meanwhile, more than 120 archers have registered to come together and compete for the title of best instinctive archer and to win the prize money of 1,000 Euros. For the second and third place of the tournament, there are another 500 and 300 Euros as a bonus.

“In this Kill Tournament only instinctive archers can win. The final shooting situations are created by me personally and especially for instinctive archers.” (Henry Bodnik)

(Entitled to participate in the Razzor Back Kill Shoot are only participants of the Bearpaw Kill Tournament)

Bearpaw Kill Turnier 2013