3D archery range called 3 D Bogenregion inspiring archers around the world!

Instinctive 3D archery – Our great passion…

Bearpaw Products promotes 3D archery courses around the world! No other archery company anywhere is as dedicated to spreading the passion and excitement experienced by traditional archery shooters when they’re shooting on a challenging and realistic 3D target course. Shooting lifelike 3D targets as you walk a 3D course that is set up in nature is a perfect sport for people of all ages, for all budgets, and above all – it is a wonderful activity for the entire family to share together.

That’s another motivating factor for why we develop so many great products for traditional archers everywhere!


If you work hard in an office and you’re under constant stress, archery – especially outdoors – can bring you back to a place of balance and contentment. Then again, some archers also enjoy the competition and camaraderie when competing in various archery tournaments. Competitions can bring great feelings of satisfaction for a successful day of shooting.

However, whether you shoot instinctive archery for fun or as a casual hobby – or – if you are driven by the thrill of competing with other ambitious archers: Having access to 3D courses is only possible if there are dedicated organizations, clubs, or even individuals, who have taken the time, and made the investment, to build and maintain 3D archery courses and make them available to the public.

Fortunately, unlike in our early archery years, there are now several dozens to hundreds of archery courses throughout Germany that attract, captivate and delight archers “à la couleur” on a daily basis!.

In the area around Mainfranken, the Spessart and the adjoining Odenwald, some archery courses have now joined together and are available to archers through  3D-Bogenregion Mainfranken/Spessart/Odenwald    (https://www.3d-bogenregion.de ) Interested archers from all over Germany and many other European countries can visit these courses, which include; the Collenberg archery course, which has existed since 2007, the archery course Wildschütz Großlaudenbach, the archery course in Eschau and many other very interesting archery courses.


Within a radius of about 50-60 km, there are currently six 3D archery courses, which are listed on the website of the 3D archery region. Two more will probably be added soon and two more courses are currently in the planning stage or are about to be opened. In total, more than 430 3D animals in beautiful natural terrain are now waiting for you as enthusiastic 3D archers.

When the first 3D courses in the region were created in 2007 with the Collenberg archery course, it was unfortunate but there were only very a few 3D tournaments in Germany and hardly any archery courses to be found. Training facilities or areas suitable for 3D shooting were in short supply. Fortunately, through the years this has changed! As more and more people discovered archery and especially 3D archery – more and more new courses have been created, and it is good for everyone!

The 3D-Bogenregion Mainfranken/Spessart/Odenwald is now a real Eldorado for archery enthusiasts and is also relatively centrally located in Germany, which allows for comparatively short travel times. The area is very easy to reach via the highways A3, A7, A45, A81 and also has a lot to offer tourists. Due to the numerous courses, it is ideal for an archery holiday, for club outings, or as an enjoyable stop during your travels elsewhere. The assorted beautiful landscapes and terrain of these archery courses in the 3D-Bogenregion offer archery enthusiasts everything they need for an enjoyable visit to the archery course of their choice. On their website, you can also find information about accommodations, clubs and, various archery shops in the region.

One of our dealers in the area is Jürgen Goll from “Scheibenpanik – Der Bogenladen in Collenberg”. (see our blog article from 2016) The archery shop Scheibenpanik has been open in Collenberg for more than 10 years and specializes in traditional archery, i. there are only longbows, hunting recurve bows and other traditional accessories to buy. That’s exactly what aspiring instinctive archers need for outfitting themselves for instinctive 3D archery. If you are in the region – stop by for a visit and have a look.

The archery courses of the 3D – Bogenregion  are definitely worth the trip. Here are some pictures of some of the coursed in the region:

Picture gallery of the 3D – Bogenregion

3D – Bogenregion on Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/3dbogenregion/

3D-Bogenregion on Instagram    https://www.instagram.com/3dbogenregion/

Scheibenpanik on Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/scheibenpanik/

Scheibenpanik on Instagram    https://www.instagram.com/scheibenpanik/

Facbook profile of Daniel Goll    https://www.facebook.com/daniel.goll.73