3rd Bearpaw Cup Romania

Bearpaw_Cup_Romania_1Bearpaw Products supports instinctive and traditional archery in many places around the world. This is the 3rd time Henry Bodnik has supported the Archery Shop Romania in the Bearpaw Cup. Together with the help of Doru Danilet and Codruta Angelescu, Henry Bodnik again put together the parcours personally this year. The tournament was held in the vicinity of Sibiu. Sibiu is located at quite a central location, enabling many more archers to attend. Archery is still in its infancy in Romany and is attracting more friends and lovers every year.

11752471_667313656702896_8418065494512560888_nAgain, the shooting positions were both challenging and with a hunter’s background.

11698639_667310180036577_6312258029479431214_nThe wild forest with a small stream and many hazelnut bushes was perfectly suited to integrate this kill tournament in the countryside. The hot temperatures were exceeded in their effect only by the many mosquitos and which made life difficult for all the archers.

15913_667310076703254_3249207405237349803_nSpecial attention was given to the children, who were led through the tournament with special guidance offered by the tournament organizers. Everybody wants especially the children to have fun and enjoy the tournament days.

11755273_667311473369781_5328774681212952910_nOne can see very well from these pictures, that the children enjoyed the tournament very much.

11755134_667311476703114_318809565604816737_nWith great ambition, even the youngest tournament participants tried to wrestle credits from every shooting position.

1383105_667311526703109_6614254770922847296_nEven the most difficult positions were taken with joy and enthusiasm.

11041094_667311523369776_7651744773717120785_nThis type of tournament is absolutely unfamiliar to most archers. The very near and realistic hunting positions to be shot from cover demand archers to shoot and think completely differently from what they are used to.

11141343_667309403369988_7541713209753531148_nThere wasn’t a single shot, in which Henry had not devised a special challenge. Either the uncomfortable shooting position or the sharp shooting angle or small shooting windows offered many different difficulty levels.

1800225_667309916703270_7504325783717509860_nAlready in the opening speech, Henry mentioned his preference for these particular shooting positions. His experience gained from stalking and hunting adventures in Canada and the United States have greatly influenced and shaped him since.

11222813_667309880036607_280788303658086156_nAt the end of the 1st tournament day, looking around, one could see only happy faces, and hopefully everyone had reached their goals. The day was rounded off with a goulash to replenish the lost energy reserves.

11041299_667313166702945_2417682211558451980_nIn the evening there were lots of exciting conversations about the depths of instinctive archery.

1781913_667313216702940_7855262787422106938_nLet’s go for Day 2 and the finals at the 3rd Bearpaw Cup in Sibiu, Romania.

We will present the 2nd part of the report on the finals to you within the next week. Of course, here on the Bearpaw Blog!!