6th Bearpaw Dealer Conference

Händlerschulung Bearpaw Products

On 24th to 25th February 2012, the 6th Bearpaw Dealer Conference took place in the conference hall of the Hotel Steiner in Gro√üheirath, Bavaria, Germany. A total of 50 European distributors had followed Henry Bodnik’s invitation to learn about the latest news and information and have some in-service training. It is one of the basic ideas of Bearpaw Products to support its local archery dealers in order to create an ever better customer service.


After Henry Bodnik’s opening speech, some champagne and a cold buffet, the official part started at about 8pm.
The first evening was spiced with important information about the new Bodnik Bows warranty, and information about the basics of the Bearpaw dealer network. A special highlight was the live broadcast of Byron Ferguson provided via Skype. Byron spoke directly to the attending dealers about the new Bearpaw Heavy Hunter carbon shafts, and was open to questions from his audience. It was pretty impressive to see Byron Ferguson live in his home in Alabama. The CEO of Gold Tip had come all the way from the US for the meeting of the Bearpaw dealers and stood at the ready for individual talks on this first evening. After the official ending at 10pm, long and intensive discussions followed on the spot.


The subject of carbon arrows was predominant on the second day. Tom Zelenovic, CEO of Gold Tip USA, gave his audience a deep insight into the quality criteria and manufacturing fundamentals of the company Gold Tip. The fact alone that at least 10 of the 12 most important 3-D tournaments in the USA have in recent years been continuously won by archers with Gold Tip arrows is impressive evidence of the outstanding quality of this brand. Henry Bodnik later pointed out and demonstated the significant differences in quality between various carbon arrow brands. The terms memory effect, concentricity and other technical background information were discussed and shown graphically. One could notice in the participants, that new and important insights were gained and that those would find their way to the customers. The afternoon ended with a presentation of the new Bodnik Bows quality, and many traders took their opportunity to try out some bows and talk shop with Christoph Unger about the new Sky bows and the ILF system.


As part of the Dealer Conference, Frank Ubozak, owner of Frank’s Castle, was honored with the Bearpaw Gold Award. Henry Bodnik spoke warm and praising words to merit the trader’s success. Oncoming, there will be a report here on the blog on the subject of the Bearpaw Gold Award.