7th Kill Tournament 2015 in Eisenbach


Each year, the “kill tournament ” by Henry Bodnik attracts many ambitious archers to the Archery Hotel Bad in the Black Forest.

I am looking forward to meeting as many archers as possible on the first weekend in May (2nd to 3rd May,2015) at our “Kill Tournament” in the Black Forest. Like every year, I will create the course personally.

I will give this tournament my very own touch.

The Kill Tournament is unique and demands special shooting capabilities of the archers. All targets are positioned within a range of up to max. 28 meters, so that it is possible to hit the „kill zone” on 3-D target. Faster arrow flight is more of a hindrance! A groundhog is only 5 meters away after all!

It is essential to hit the kill zone! For this is the only way to collect credits in the end.

For body shots, adult archers will gain negative credits. Only on our little archers we turn a blind eye and work without the minus rating.

I will position every shooting situation having real hunting conditions in mind. On hunting trips in Texas, Indiana and Alberta I witnessed many extraordinary moments and situations. I include this experience to 100% in my Kill Tournament. I love to host this tournament and puzzle out every single shooting situation.

The Kill Tournament is the annual peak and a big challenge for many participants. My classification is perfectly suited for instinctive and traditional archery and is being adapted by an increasing number of tournaments.


In recent years, many national and international shooters have found their way to Eisenbach, because after all, the winner will receive € 1,000 prize money!



During the so-called “Real Kill Shoot“, the best broadhead archer will be determined with a shot from a treestand onto a boar dummy. The event will, of course, be moderated by me!



The best 3 men and women of all classes will then play against each other on Sunday in a final shoot-out. In the final shootout to determine the tournament winner, the victorious archery will be rewarded with a prize money of 1,000 Euros. Come and take pot luck what will be expecting you this year at my Kill Tournament!
This year there will be a national ranking for the first time.
Meanwhile, we have received information that there will be archers from Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany.
For Romania, Canada and Poland, we have also received information that there is strong interest.
Which nation will win the national ranking at the 7th Kill Tournament?
Don’t you fear possible negative credits?
Brave enough for the Kill Tournament?
Well then, register already!
Registration via email: kill-turnier@bearpaw-blog.de
I am looking forward to seeing you all,
Henry M. Bodnik