8th Bearpaw Dealer Meeting

On 28th February and 1st March, 2014, 40 Bearpaw dealers and distributors followed the invitation of Henry Bodnik to come to the 8th meeting of Bearpaw dealers in Rossach, Germany.

Over these two days, some important points were focussed in the meeting. Every year, Henry Bodnik gives an overview of major changes and trends in the field of traditional archery and the reports on news of the brand Bearpaw Products. At this year’s meeting new developments in the field of carbon arrows stood in the focus of attention.


In addition, Uwe Tesch gave an insight into the new online newspaper “Instinctive Archery” and demonstrated its multifunctional information possibilities. The first issue is to go online this April and will set pioneering standards in the Central European region. Further information can be obtained directly from Uwe Tesch under email@instinctive-archery.com

Günter Haase presented the boar snack “Razzor Back“, a new product for archers. It’s 51% protein and pure nature. An interesting product for archers and archery dealers.
You can find more information about the dried meat snack under: www.razzor-back.com


Henry Bodnik also reported in detail on the new bow workshop of Bodnik Bows in Germany. The future of bow making of Bearpaw Products as well as the buildup of a series production in Germany were important contents of the conference. The extremely increasing demand for Bodnik Bows has made it necessary to open a second production facility here in Germany. Bearpaw Products has taken great steps to realize the establishment of a German bow manufactory. The bows Slick Stick and Mohawk are now manufactured exclusively in Germany.

On the second day, visiting of the bow workshop, the arrow building workshop, and the new spine machine were the absolute highlights of the whole meeting. Bearpaw dealers were able to visit the new production site of Bodnik Bows Germany and gain an insight into the production of Bodnik Bows. Individual production steps were illustrated with sample pieces to represent the excellence and quality of the bows in manufacturing. The fully automatic operation of the spine machine, the arrow building of Bearpaw Products and blank firing tests with the new longbow Slick Stick were the focus of interest.


In the afternoon of the second day, some dealers took advantage of the opportunity for personal appointments with Henry Bodnik. Additionally, dealers were able to exe up the new bows Slick Stick and Mohawk and test shoot them.

Every year at the meeting, Henry Bodnik honors the national and international Bearpaw Gold Dealers. Over the next 10 days, we will report separately on our blog on the awarding of this honor.

Personal contact with the Bearpaw dealers is an important foundation of the philosophy of Bearpaw Products. The basis of the success of Bearpaw Products lies within the community of Bearpaw dealers and distributors. The Bearpaw Worldwide Dealer Network is more than a phrase, it’s a living philosophy.