A Great Arm Guard Gets Started

(Perhaps we should more often listen to women)
It was our ladies in the sale who we’re always concerned about matching quivers and arm guards in color.
‘That’s so typical of women’ was our first reaction. But aren’t they right after all? We took up this impulse and realized it with some beautiful items. Especially the back quivers were missing the color black anyways, which several customers had already asked for.

As a result, we proudly present a series of quivers and arm guards implementing these important impulses. Now finally, the arm guard as most important item is available.

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Bearpaw Leder Produkte

All our leather products are produced in our company Bearpaw International under the strictest controls. We put the highest possible value in the quality of our leather articles during production.
All Bearpaw leather items are free of heavy metals and toxins. This was approved of by the veterinary inspection office in Freiburg, Germany.

Here is the direct link to the certificate.

Thank you to our ladies in the sales and the customers who kept pushing us in the right direction.

These are your products!

Henry and Doro Bodnik

Bearpaw Leather Products

Bearpaw Leather Products

Bearpaw Leather Products