A look behind the scenes of making the Bearpaw Penthalon carbon arrows

The Bearpaw Slim Line carbon shafts and arrows are shot by archers all over the world.

The name Penthalon stands for our own line of production.

Just as in bow making we place high value on both quality and functionality. It is essential to visit the manufacturer from time to time to obtain information about manufacturing processes personally. This is the only way to sustainably deliver quality within the appropriate price range!

In this field of work just as much as in others, we are continuously interested to improve our quality. In the past few days, Henry Bodnik visited the new production facility for Penthalon carbon shafts personally. All the production steps were presented and controlled! Important quality standards were discussed and ensured!

At how many degrees is the carbon inserted?
How is the carbon arrow structured?
How accurate are the methods for measuring straightness, spine and weight?

In the future, the Penthalon Slim Line arrow will be even more precise and gain a great deal of robustness!

We have introduced a new standard, so that all shafts and arrows will be made with a straightness of 003! Weight and spine tolerances are put to a minimum!
The specific cross-linking and position of the carbon layers makes the shafts more resistant!

The selling price will remain unaffected!

The new Slim Line shafts will be available at Bearpaw soon!
We will inform you in advance here on the blog and on Facebook!

In the following, we give you a glimpse of the production of carbon shafts with a few pictures.