A Video Review of the Bodnik Bows Anubis

anubis_1Together with Lino Coscia and his company, Arrow Forge we developed and designed an amazing new bow the Bodnik Bows Anubis!

The Anubis by Bodnik Bows!
A true success story!

Enjoy the video below where Kev Arrow Smith of the company Robin Hood Arrows as he shoots and gives a lovely review of the Bonik Bows Anubis! He does a fine job of describing this special bow. Click on the video below and enjoy a detailed review of the Bodnik Bows – Anubis.

Heartfelt thanks to Kev Arrow Smith!
Special thanks to Robin Hood Arrows!

We are overwhelmed by your enthusiastic video review on our   Bodnik Bows Anubis!

We love our products and our brand

#Feel the Spirit

of Traditional Archery. Feel the Spirit is our motto, it is with all of us here at Bearpaw Products and that spirit is inside every one of our products! (Henry Bodnik)

anubis_3Click the link below to see the Anubis by Bodnik Bows

See the Anubis