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A Video Test-Review of the NEW Bodnik Bows Kiowa

umfrage-kiowa-04 Just a few months ago, after making a few changes, we introduced our new Bodnik Bows Kiowa. After many successful years selling the original Kiowa, we decided to change the look of this short and powerful hunting recurve. We had two main ideas in mind – so we asked our loyal customers to vote on it – and so the decision was made, by you, for us to start manufacturing the NEW Bodnik Bows Kiowa like version number 2 in the picture above.

At the bottom of this blog you will find a personal newsletter from Henry Bodnik!

Simon Bode, the owner of Bode’s Bow Shop has taken a close look at our new Bodnik Bows Kiowa and made a very nice video review that we share with you below..

Visit Simon Bodes’s Online Store

Enjoy the Video Review of our new Bodnik Bows Kiowa made by Simon Bode!

The New Bodnik Bows Kiowa

The Kiowa is now more attractive than ever!

We decided on bamboo cores for their speed and power, and for veneers of olive for their stunning beauty. In order to allow the natural beauty of the olive veneers to shine we, of course, use our Crystal Clear Bearpaw Power Glass on the belly and the back. Our famous crystal-clear Bearpaw fiberglass laminate not only highlights the special look of the olive veneers, but it also ensure peak performance and stability

The riser section is made with a wonderful combination of rich red Bubinga and black Micarta. We’re proud of this compact hunting bow. It is especially impressive that a bow of this short length can be drawn smoothly and comfortably up to a length of 30 inches!

  • Bow Length: 52 Inches
  • Draw Weight: 20 – 55 lbs in 5 lb increments
  • Riser: Micarts and Bubinga
  • Limbs: Bamboo, Olive Veneers, Bearpaw Crystal Clear Power Glass
  • Tip Overlays: Multi-Layer Micarta
  • Grip: Pistol Grip
  • String: Whisper String
  • Brace Height: 8 Inches
  • Quality: Genuine German Quality
  • Guarantee: 30 Years Bodnik Bows Guarantee
  • Storage: This bow can be stored in the strung position

Every single Bodnik Bow is hand crafted by skilled bowyers in our own manufacturing facilities. Bodnik Bows is a member of the Bearpaw Products Group!

Newsletter Henry Bodnik
I am thrilled to know that many archers will find our new Kiowa to be their new favorite bow. It is also one of my personal favorites. I personally like the short bows! Our Kiowa has found its way into the hands of many archers and bowhunters around the world. I would like to personally thank the many fans and supporters of the Bearpaw Brand. A very special thanks also to Simon Bode from the Bode Bow Shop for his great video review of the new Kiowa! To all our friends in archery – We would like to publish any videos you make showcasing our Bodnik Bows and Bearpaw products. Simply send us an email with your video links and your information to! (Henry Bodnik)