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Bogensport-Bodnik GmbH
Hannebach 30
96269 Großheirath / Rossach
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1980 – PASSION
It all starts with PASSION – a passion for nature and adventure. Henry Bodnik was born in 1964. As a young boy he roamed enthusiastically through the Franconian Forests with his bow and arrows. He has never lost his enthusiasm to stay close to nature and his respect for untouched nature is unabated.

1995 – 2009 TEACHING
As Henry grew older he started participating in national and international archery competitions and was very successful (winning many prizes). Henry has earned high respect in the archery community. Around 1995 Henry started to teach archery theory and to give practical lessons at the community school in Coburg, Bavaria. He taught instinctive archery to many eager students. These courses were well received and booked months in advance.
In 1998 Henry started giving training courses for beginners and advanced archers at the Archery Sport Hotel Bad in the Black Forest in Germany. More than 200 people a year have been taught the way of instinctive archery from a master ever since. Later Henry developed an exceptional training system for instinctive archery by which many now internationally renowned shooters were taught. Henry’s training methods are now known worldwide and are being passed on by his successful students to the next generation.

In 1996 Henry founded his first company Bogensport Bodnik GmbH. It was located in the town Ahorn near Coburg. In the beginning he concentrated his efforts mainly on the making of bows based on his profound knowledge and experience. Due to his attention to detail and customer service he was able to win many devoted customers in Germany and overseas. Through the valuable feedback and input from many of his students he was able to deliver specific products to the archery market that fit the traditional archers needs, some of these were new products others were a better value for your money. This helped to propell Bogensport Bodnik GmbH to its market leader position.

1998 – FRIENDS
Henry’s friend Harald, also a long-time archer, and Henry’s wife Dorothea joined the company to help support Henry in realizing his numerous ideas. The company grew quickly and there was a need to hire more people to help serve the increasing number of customers. Soon the orders outstripped the capacity of *Bogensport Bodnik* and Henry had to find additional production capabilities. The problem of finding bows of the right quality and for the best price was a delicate challenge. In 2003 Henry found a company in the Czech Republic that was already making|dealing related products. Under the supervision of German personal they started to produce bows of high quality following strict production guidelines. The hand-selected woods of yew, maple, ebony and elm that are used as the base for these bows give them their extraordinary performance and precision. All of the bows are handcrafted and tested by master craftsmen in bow construction. This company has now produced more than 10,000 glass laminated traditional bows. All of these bows now carry the Bearpaw Products trademark.

2000 – 2003 GROWTH
Because of the excellent cooperation between Bogensport Bodnik and its customers, the product portfolio has constantly increased. Bogensport Bodnik soon became a major player in the traditional archery market in Germany. Furthermore, its exclusive handcrafted bows gained an outstanding reputation worldwide. To complete the portfolio, products like gloves, arm guards as well as 3D targets were added to the line.

In 2003 the company was renamed to BEARPAW-Products Bogensport Bodnik GmbH and “BEARPAW” was trademarked. BEARPAW-Products stands for excellent quality, highest competitiveness and first class service. The large customer loyalty proves that the brand is upholding this philosophy.
2004 – 2006 Bearpaw Worldwide Dealer Network.

In 2004 Bearpaw-Products started to develop and produce its own products. Henry has now changed the focus of the company to supply the worldwide archery market with the products that it needs. Bearpaw-Products is a strong, reliable partner with production plants on the one side and knowledgeable, customer-oriented suppliers, distributors and specialized dealers on the other side. Through this Henry is moving his company to higher ground. His vision of a worldwide distribution network has become a reality due to the BEARPAW-Products trademark, which is internationally registered, and is still gaining recognition. On top of that, each year BEARPAW-Products offers training courses to its distribution partners to bring them up to speed on current developments and to pass along its knowledge and experience of traditional archery.

Today custom-made products are one of the company’s strengths. These products are produced to meet the individual demands and specifications of the customer. Special bows, arrows, tools, arrow shafts, etc. are not wishful thinking at BEARPAW-Products, they are a way of life. BEARPAW-Products is the worldwide leading distributor for traditional archery and distributes its products to many countries, e.g. the United States, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

In 2007 another large step was taken in the company’s history. Mr. Bernhard May joined the company. He is a genius as a technician and as a developer. This set the stage for expansion through more focused new product development. This is evident in the completely new products that were made available in a short time. Through the cooperation between Bernhard May and Henry Bodnik many completely new and unique products gained global accreditation. Here is a list of a few of these items: the BEARPAW FLETCHING SYSTEM, the SPINE TEST DEVICE, the (bow string) WINDING DEVICE as well as the FEATHER SUPER CUTTER.

The success story of BEARPAW-Products continues. Soon after the turn of the century, the plant located in Ahorn Germany was proving to be too small. In 2008 BEARPAW-Products found the perfect site for further expansion in a town called Rossach, also near Coburg. The new facilities for the plant and distribution center include a building with 1,200 m² of space and more than 10,000 m² of property directly adjacent to it allowing for even more expansion. A highlight is that BEARPAW-Products has their own test area on this property right next to the headquarters. The official opening ceremony of the plant was celebrated with hundreds of customers from Europe as well as from the US, together with many dignitaries, local politicians and friends.

With a BEARPAW product, the customer holds more than 25 years of experience in their hands. BEARPAW-Products is constantly setting new standards in terms of features, quality and price. Our BEARPAW-Products Worldwide Dealer Network will continue this process and solidify the teamwork with all of our partners, distributors and, most importantly, the customers and users of our products throughout the world. The performance of BEARPAW-Products in the past proves its commitment to the future in both services and products. BEARPAW-Products is an official member of the ATA and the only German exhibitor at the ATA show.