An interview with Bumblebee-Archery

Discover the written interview with BUMBLEBEE-Archery (Frank Humme) & BEARPAW PRODUCTS

1) BEARPAW: How did you get into archery?
“My wife gave our son and me a bow making course after experimenting with hazelnut before buying and practicing a disc, the virus was planted in order to learn it properly then a basic course was taken at Henry. Subsequently, the trainer I made and passed in club as coach children of the virus.”

2) BEARPAW: How long have you been active in archery?
“From bow making to now, 10 years”

3) BEARPAW: Why did you choose archery?
“Archery is a decelerated outdoor activity that is an ideal balance to the hustle and bustle of working life.”

4) BEARPAW: What did you want to be as a kid?
“As far as I remember, policeman or truck driver.”

5) BEARPAW: Are you still active in the field of archery?
“I gave up my job where I learned (office) and started my own business in an area where I was able to work physically outside, meanwhile I have a change of location behind me, I always work still out there and driving a truck Dreams are there to turn them into goals and implement them, for me the bow shop and the course as the future mainstay.”

6) BEARPAW: What do you like most about archery?
“Archery is independent of age and an ideal family sport, so as a taster, I had a grandma at the age of 88 with her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter in a group at age 8. That’s fun.”

7) BEARPAW: With which bow do you like to shoot? Which arrows?
“Mohawk Hunter 40 # with 800 Penthalon Slim Line Timber and 100grs Slim Line Break up top, real missiles with the bow.”

8) BEARPAW: What are you most proud of when you think of archery?
“I am very proud to be able to operate not only the shop but also the course.Our grounds are located below a castle in the woods, which is probably unique We are even allowed to host events in the castle, which is something very special, and the mayor of Volkmarsen supports us in every way, which is simply worth the gold when you know how difficult it is to open a course. “

9) BEARPAW: Can you imagine a life completely without archery?
“After so many years no more, it always takes you out into nature and the bow is an important companion.”

10) BEARPAW: What would be your biggest wish for the industry?
“That the archers buy more in the small arcades again and not on the Internet, because we archers have a lobby only if we keep talking and that is not in the virtual world , but rather with the coffee in the shop around the corner. The customer review has been automatically translated from German.”

11) BEARPAW: Do you have a personal request?
“I would like the course guests to adhere to the course rules because every course runner has them and not just for fun, they certainly have their point. which unfortunately is not, because without the lot of work, time, money and lifeblood, which course operators invest, nobody could use a course.”

12) BEARPAW: Any further comments / suggestions?
“I would like to see more kids and teens on the course, because that’s our future in archery.”

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