Anna Catling – Medals, National Records & Personal Bests!

Bodnik Raven and Anna Catling in action!

3 personal bests, 3 national records & 3 medals, this girl is on fire!
In this episode following the progress of wunderkind Anna Catling she takes to the field for the Fort Purbrook Company of Bowmen Open field championships…

“The Fort Purbrook Company of Bowmen is the archery club that I attend twice a week. Each year they hold their open field championships. It is a very popular shoot and usually is fully booked within 2 weeks of the entry forms being made available. The location is an old Victorian fort built between 1862 and 1870 and makes for a very different shooting experience which is why it is so popular.


We arrived early as my Dad was helping out with the shoot. His first job was to pin the target faces onto the bosses. I couldn’t help with this as it would be cheating for me to see the unmarked course. Instead I went to get my score cards and have my equipment checked by the judges. For this tourament I would be shooting with my friend Lauren and so we went to shoot some arrows at the practice butts.


Once the shoot started we made our way down one of the many tunnels in the fort and out into the moat to find our first target. It was an 80cm face at about 40 meters. It was a straight forward bit of shooting but we still needed to warm up to the challenge. As we made our way around the course it proved to be a hot day under the open sky but cold in the dark tunnels.


Once we were two targets away from the end of the shoot I checked my score and realised I was still 12 points off of my personal best and the national record. The remaining targets were one 80 and one 60 face. On the 80 I managed to get a score of 7 and then on the 60 a score of 8. This meant I had broken the national record I had set two weeks before at the Ballands shoot with a score of 148.

After the unmarked round I went to help set the marked round as this is allowed in the rules. My Dad proved clumsy as we made our way through the creepy tunnels, at one point sending a bin crashing down a spiral staircase. There are tales of ghosts at the fort and now maybe there are also tales of poltergeist!


The next day was the marked round and I met Lauren for a day of shooting that we hoped would bring further success. On this day the distances had been set further and this made it much harder to hit the targets. However I came back with a score of 122 beating my previous record I had set two weeks before by 19 points. This allowed me to also take a record for both of my scores combined which were 270. I went home with 3 medals: SCAS (Southern Counties Archery Society), HAA (Hampshire Archery Association and Fort Purbrook Company or Archers”.

Wow, what a great looking course! Check it out and see Anna in action…

Congratulations once again from the whole Bearpaw Team Anna! Its really a pleasure following your “Raven Adventure”!

Anna uses the following Bearpaw & Bodnik equipment:
Bodnik Raven
Whisper String
Bearpaw Premium Spruce shafts
Armguard “Brandy”