Anna Catling receives her new Bodnik Raven!

In part two of our continuing blog with new Bearpaw sponsored Anna Catling we see her reaction to her new Bodnik Raven bow and hear a few of her initial impressions. Over to you Anna!…

“When I came back from school and I found my new bow had arrived from Bearpaw, I was very excited. Despite my protest, my dad insisted on filming my excitement. Unfortunately you can see this in the video. I had been anticipating the arrival of the bow for weeks because my old bow struggled to hit the longer ranges in tournaments due to its lower draw weight. I unpacked it and checked the brace height to make sure it was right, put a leather patch on the arrow shelf then went to shoot it in the garden”!

You cant beat the excitment of “New Bow Day”!
Credit for the video music- Phase IV – CC-BY Lo-Fi is Sci-Fi

“I used a bow square to check where my nocking points should go and then tested this by shooting some arrows. I began at about 10 metres and I started by aiming low as I was unsure of my aiming points as the new draw weight was 7Lbs heavier than my last bow. Also my garden is of a small width and if an arrow flying over the top bounced from something behind, it could fly into the neighbours garden, dangerous. However, aiming too low may result in my arrow being murdered by flints in the ground so I had to guess a little. My first arrow scored a four on the 40 cm face I had been aiming at whilst my second skimmed the five and my last hit a two. After shooting some more successful arrows I decided that my nocking place was correct and made some nocking points out of serving thread and glue”.

“The Bodnik Raven is proving a joy to shoot. It is incredibly smooth compared with my last bow and no hand shock at all. I have also found it forgiving towards any mistakes in my release.
The arrow shelf is a nice shape and holds the arrow really well. It also comes with a small piece of leather which can be attached to the arrow shelf. As well as that it looks beautiful with a Mycarta and Zebrano handle and limbs from maple and olive wood protected by a layer of clear glass which is free from any streaks or white spots.
The limbs become noticeably thin towards the tips giving the bow a unique and stunning appearance. I have already shot it in tournaments and my scores keep improving but I will tell you about that in future posts”.

Coming soon: We are looking forward to our next blog visit with Anna who is already making good use of her new equipment in competitions!

Anna uses the following Bearpaw & Bodnik equipment:
Bodnik Raven
Whisper String
Bearpaw Premium Spruce shafts
Armguard “Brandy”