Anna Catling`s story is going on!


Thank you Anna Catling! Congratulation to be part of TeamGB at the World Archery 3D championships in the South of France  We are proud to see such a young talented archery girl using our Bodnik Bows Raven! Uk is in Europe a major country of traditional archery. Good to see you going international for UK! Thanks for your reports and all the nice pics! Looking forward to receive your next reports!

Henry and Doro Bodnik and the Bearpaw team!

“In early April I set out with my archery coach to the Pentref WA 3D selection shoot. As usual I would be shooting with my Bodnik Bows Raven that has helped me through so many tournaments. It took about 3 hours to drive to South Wales and so this was going to be the first shoot where I would have to stay over in a hotel. My Dad was following me with a camera (again) and Coach Daniel was with his daughter Katy who I imagine was the youngest archer there. It was a 3D animal shoot on the side a mountain which meant lots of uphill and downhill shots. For the past months I had been shooting at a range of about 7 metres at the club so any greater distance I felt was going to be a challenge. However shooting the practice butts before the shoot went better than I thought it would. I was surprised to see none other than Grizzly Jim wandering around with a Bodnik Bows Mohawk. You might have seen him on youtube and the Bearpaw blog. I decided we should chat but I’ll save that meeting for the next blog.

The tournament involved 24 3D animal shaped targets at which we would be shooting two arrows each from a single peg. There were 3 pegs at each target from which the archers shoot. The compound archers shoot from the red peg which is the furthest away. Junior archers shoot from the white peg which is the closest. Although I am a junior archer I shoot from the blue peg like the rest of the archers and this sits somewhere in-between the other pegs.

It was great fun and there was good weather all weekend which was quite surprising as we expected to be shooting through low cloud in the wind and rain. The targets varied from small birds to a massive bear. On the morning of the first day I was shooting well with a good number of my arrows finding the kill. Some targets I noticed had rising ground in front of them so that the foot of the target couldn’t be seen. This makes it more difficult to judge the distance and I saw that other archers were having the same problems with these targets.


In the afternoon there was a fair bit of uphill shooting for which I needed to adjust my aim to allow for the angle treating a shot as being a shorter distance than it really was. So a 30 metre distance I would shoot as if it were 25. We finished that days shooting at about 2pm which gave us an afternoon to visit the beach. I helped Little Katy build sandcastles and eat ice-creams. It’s a tough life being an archer. Then it was back to the hotel and an early night.

I think I imagined an alarm sounding the next morning well before the alarm really went off. Such an early start was perhaps not the best thing. The morning’s shooting went well with the pegs having been moved to throw us off. Through the day the shooting didn’t quite measure up to the previous day but I had a very strong finish with both arrows in the kill.


Both Katy and I came home with gold medals and I found out that I had achieved a qualifying score that meant I might be selected to shoot as part of TeamGB at the World Archery 3D championships in the South of France.

It was an anxious two week wait before I received an email telling me that I had been selected. This is incredibly exciting for me and I can’t wait to take part in such a major championship. There are no junior categories at the 3D champs and so I will be up against the adults. Wish me luck!

Of course my Bodnik Bows Raven will be with me!”

Anna Catling


Entrance to the Bodnik Bows Raven