Anna Moser and Bodnik Bows are European Champions!


Anna Moser, Bogensport beim Holzmichel and Bodnik Bows are European Champions!

Thank you for such superb efforts!
Congratualtions Anna Moser!


Anna Moser in Action

We are proud of Bodnik Bows and we are extremely proud of Anna Moser. The success story of Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows continues unabated around the globe. We regularly receive many photos and messages of support from archers and bow hunters who want to share their passion for Bearpaw products and Bodnik Bows. When it came to competing at the European Championships in Saalbach Hinterglemm there were many Bodnik Bows in evidence, chosen by archers who knew they could rely on them to get the job done!
The European championship (EBHC) the IFAA were held in Saalbach Hinterglemm 24.06. – 02.07.2016 and had around 1700 contestants.


1700 contestants

The BSC (bow sport club) Holzmichl had a small team at the start line but was able to compete with huge success and managed to win a gold medal to take home with them.



Anna Moser is European Champion

The club was founded by Michael Wagner (Holzmichl) in December 2013.

“In february 2014 Anna came to us with a few friends (non of which older than 14) to get a taste for archery on our indoor range. Even after only a handful of arrows you could see the light of instinctive archery burning in Anna’s eyes.

In June of 2014 we held our very first club tournament on a newly built 3D course. When Anna beat all of the boys in her age group (she was our only 14yr old girl) it was immediately obvious that here was a person worth investing in in terms of time and training. Since then we take every opportunity to work with 101% fun on our range to refine form or out on the course to put into practice what she has learned.

Following the motto: In theory I can do practically everything.

I would like to take the opportunity to say huge thanks to Anna’s parents for ensuring that she was kitted out with the best equipment (Bodnik Bows Custom Redman, Penthalon Hunter Extrem 600 ) and for their financial support. Since Anna started we have repeatedly been on a variety of courses and participated in several tournaments. Anna was able to win the majority of these tournaments! For her every arrow shot is another step in her training!

Then it was time… for the EBHC 2016 in Sallbach Hinterglemm.


Training at the EBHC

I have to say I was full of confidence for Anna. The hours of training experience, her complete passion for instinctive archery and her top equipment from Bearpaw Products was in my opinion the perfect combination. With her Custom Redman von Bodnik Bows she had a champions bow in her hand. The Penthalon Hunter Extrem Arrows from Bearpaw Products were completely robust and precise.

Nothing had been left to chance!


Anna in Action

I sent her on her way with a few words to give her strength during the competition and to give her our important credo as Instinctive Archers en route to the title:

Dont think, Just get up there and shoot the arrow the best way you know how”

As soon as you reach you anchor point stop conscious thought
If you start thinking you are no longer connected to your inner knowledge and will start to mistrust the flow of information
. (Henry Bodnik)

Through 4 different course and 4 different days she met every challenge at the highest level and was able to keep all other contenders at bay. ”

Outstanding and consistent performance!

Bravo Anna Moser

Michael Wagner (Trainer – Anna Moser)


Jakob Messner (70), Michael Wagner (55) and Anna Moser (16)

Bogensport beim Holzmichl