Announcing the NEW 13″ Mohawk Riser from Bodnik Bows!


Here at Bodnik Bows we knew how important it was for us to take our time in the development of the new 13″ riser for our amazingly popular Mohawk because we wanted to get it right from the very start. We are very proud of the beautiful and functional result!

A few weeks ago Henry Bodnik introduced the new 13″ Mohawk riser for the first time at the ATA Trade Show 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. The video below was transmitted via Facebook live video and Henry Bodnik gives a detailed description of the new compact 13 inch Mohawk riser.

Sorry for the small format! Live Facebook Video via a mobile phone is small.

Near the end of 2017, we sent some of our Mowhawk 13″ riser prototypes to a few trusted archers so they could do some field testing for us. Before we ever start serious production of a new bow, we require that it has passed extensive testing. We would like to thank;  Uwe P Tesch, Ronny Schönheiter, Bert Poffè and Klaus Thiele for their intensive testing and detailed reports. We’re particularly pleased that our new Mowhawk riser proven itself as a test winner in a comparison test of various recurve bows.

Link to a comparative test of Recurve Bows

Now, the next phase for the launch of our new 13 inch Mohawk riser can begin. We are confident that we will be able to deliver the new member of our Bodnik Bows family by May / June of this year.

Until then – you just have to wait a little bit longer!

Test shoot the new 13″ Mohawk riser:

If you are able to attend the archery fair in Wels from the 10th to the 11th of February, you will be able to see the Bodnik Bows Mohawk with the 13″ riser for yourself at the booth of our distributor Bow Targets.


Link to information on the Archery Fair

Link to the Bow Targets online store

Link to Bodnik Bows