Announcing the winner of the Kiowa survey!


We are overwhelmed by the thousands of archers from all over the world who participated in our Kiowa survey!

Many thanks to all of you who participated, helping u in this decision making process! More than 57% of you chose version 2 for our Kiowa make-over. Based on your feedback we will build all our new Kiowa recurve bows in the pattern you voted for – version 2.

There was a huge response and participation!

  • 50 000 – Views
  • 500 – Comments
  • 400 – Subscribes
  • 1 – Winner!

Congratulations to our winner – Elina from France!

We are delighted to see that the winner of our new Kiowa recurve is such a dedicated and motivated archer!


The new Kiowa from Bodnik Bows. In the riser section of the new Kiowa we will be using a subtle combination of Bubinga and Micarta that is quite attractive and extremely functional as well.

The limb cores sport Olive veneers under our crystal-clear Bearpaw power-glass to allow the beautiful contrasting grain patterns to show through. The result is quite stunning.

You can see this attractive new riser configuration in the picture below.


Since we will start building the new Kiowa bow soon – there is not much time to buy one of our “original” Bodnik Bows Kiowa with black fiberglass on the limbs.

If you still want to call one of the original models, you will have to order it now – because it will only be available for a few more weeks.

Click here to order the original Kiowa