Archers and their wishes are our lifeblood

Mingo Spezial Bearpaw Products

In a telephone conversation with Henry Bodnik a customer lately mentioned that he needed a powerful bow for a little girl. The bow should throw quickly and thus ensure a relatively flat arrow flight.

“Our little Mingo is perfect for this, no problem.”

As a special feature this bow should also be equipped with two shelves. It had to be possible to shoot this bow as both a right-handed and a left-handed shooter.

“No problem.”

Our bow making excels in performing variations from the standard features. Bodnik Bows can materialize almost every wish in bowmaking. Lately we have had the pleasure to implement all kinds of variations on our custom bows according to individual wishes in terms of looks, handle design and shooting performance. With enthusiasm our customers have taken on the new Fred G Asbell design of the handle as a special option of our Bodnik Custom Bows.

Thank you to all our customers.

Henry M Bodnik

In the following, enjoy a few pictures of our special Custom Mingo:

Mingo Spezial Bearpaw Products

Mingo Spezial Bearpaw Products