Archers’ Campfire Turkey Shoot 2013


The Archers Campfire Forum is one of the major German forums in traditional and instinctive archery. In our opinion, the cohesion and the sense of community among its members is without equals! The tone is friendly and courteous, and people discuss and talk shop at an objective level. Ronny Sch̦nheiter together with Oliver and Sandra Pfister from the Steigerwald parcours annually organize the Turkey Shoot Рa tournament and meeting forum for members of the Archers Campfire.


This year, the Archers ‘ Campfire Turkey Shoot took place on the weekend of 04-06, October. Unfortunately we didn’t have good luck with the weather this time, it rained all day through on Saturday ! On Friday and Sunday, however, the weather was relatively good. However, even the strongest rain could not destroy the good mood of the participants on Saturday and so this year’s Turkey Shoot became a great meeting of the forum, just like last year’s! Apart from the actual tournament, the archers could dabble in blowpipe shooting, slingshot shooting and knife throwing. Social gathering with barbecue on the Friday and Saturday evenings rounded off the event.


A huge thank you to all who came despite the weather! We look forward to seeing you all next year and reduce the waiting time incurred as always with some snapshots of the Archers’ Campfire Turkey Shot – enjoy looking at the photos!