Archery grows with Bearpaw in Brazil

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Bear paw is also now present in Brazil. The traditional Archery community has done a big leap for growth! Raul Duwe, an tremendously passionate and entrepreneur type of archer opened his distribution house „RD Arqueria“ in August 2011. The first big shipment of goods already arrived in Curitiba, where the stock house and shop of „RD Arqueria“ is located. Brazil archers, which only could exercise their hobby up to now only on a limited scope, because no significant local supplier did exist, are now in the position to purchase quality equipment and materials directly and at a much more cost effective rate. Furthermore, first hand in-depth and solid information about their sport can be gathered at this shop.

Raul Duwe is a native Brazilian, with German relatives as his father moved from Germany to Brazil many years ago. At the age of 18 Raul came the first time in contact with archery and wanted always to foster this sport in his country. However, he was missing professional offers, equipments, information, tournaments as well as support so far. So he made vacation in Germany and joined a training course with Henry in Bogensporthotel Bad, visited bow makers and other suppliers of related goods. The decision to go with Bearpaw Products was the finally the result. Subsequent steps followed soon after: quit the old job, search for stock and shop, rent shooting hall, order products, prepare website, and so on! Now the business is already running for two month and all looks very good for a good venture.

Raul schedules also already his first tournament on 13th of November 2011, the first 3D tournament in Brazil at all! It should and will be an unforgettable happening for all participants, which will shoot their arrows over the Campo Largo course.

Bearpaw Products and Henry is thrilled to support Raul in all his efforts and wants to push the development of traditional archery in Brazil and wishes him all the fortune and success he needs to have a great business.

The progress of archery and RD Arqueria can be watched via the internet (with own interpreter software…). RD Arqueria has an own internet web page and can also be found on facebook as group too:

Bearpaw Products

Bearpaw Products