Archery World Netherlands Steps on the Gas

With Archery World, the Netherlands grow richer by another attraction. Dimitri Luijpen and Saskia Jansen have started on their way to write a new chapter in instinctive archery. 
They are two great people with a great concept. 
It is worthwhile to spare Archery World a visit! 
archeryworld_3At ArcheryWorld in Schinveld, in the south of Limburg (NL) there is a great natural environment with a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoying to shoot some arrows, having a nice evening with BBQ and campfire with the option to camp on site…you should contact and visit us!
We have a strong martial arts and survival background and are practical minded in using the bow on efficiency.
The bow used to be a tool for hunting and war, but these days archery knows various forms, disciplines and goals.
We offer: 3D shooting, Instinctive Archery, Trick&Cloud Shooting and Hunger Games Xtreme (paintball version with bow and arrow).
Beside this we offer more on workshops, please visit our sites or contact us; we speak fluent Dutch, English and German 🙂
We also offer our terrain for training purposes to other Archery Teams! Including a BBQ evening after the training!
Dimitri Luijpen, Henry Bodnik und Saskia Jansen