Arrowforge, a special dealer of Bearpaw Products is in the fast lane!

anubis-gruppenbildHeartfelt Thanks to Lino Coscia and the entire team at Arrowforge!

Here at Bearpaw Products we stand behind every single Bearpaw dealer. We acknowledge them all as an important part of our global network of Bearpaw dealers. We understand that in this age of the Internet there are three key components that all retail shop owners must provide to their customers for their complete satisfaction and to ensure that they become and remain fans of the Bearpaw brand.

  • They must provide quality service and be willing and able to help customers with in-depth product information and to help them in all areas of archery and shooting.
  • A bricks and mortar store, because it is local and close to the customers, it is a big advantage. It is convenient for the customers to go to a place where they can touch, feel, and try out various bows and accessories.
  • It is crucial that the shop is well stocked with Bearpaw products at all times. The availability of Bearpaw products in the store, every day is very important to customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In these areas and more Arrowforge is among the best of the best. 

Here at Bearpaw Products we are very proud of Lino Coscia and Arrowforge and in recognition of their efforts and shining example we have awarded them the prestigious status of Bearpaw Gold Dealer.

Tim Beier and Oliver Schmidt, members of the management team here at Bearpaw Products, made a special trip to see Lino Coscia to personally congratulate him for his great work and his loyalty to the Bearpaw brand. While there they awarded him the certificate for the Bearpaw Gold Dealer status.

Congratulations to Lino Coscia!

From Henry and Dorothea Bodnik of Bearpaw Products.


Have you seen the new bow called the Anubis?

The Anubis hybrid is only available through Arrowforge.


Next Sunday, there will be a special report on the Anubis by Arrowforge.

Click here to see the Anubis