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ATA Show 2014

Bearpaw Products ATA Trade Show

The largest archery show in the world has once again passed by. Every year, our Bearpaw products are in the focus of many European and International traders. Many interested archery dealers and distributors from around the world of archery take this opportunity to meet Henry Bodnik and his Bearpaw team in person. Here they can see and feel up close the philosophy and good image of Bearpaw Products.

The Bearpaw booth is a meeting point for many people of international distinction in archery .

For Bearpaw Products, the ATA show is the platform to introduce new products and to get important information from the international world of archery.

Bearpaw Products ATA Trade Show

We met with great interest for the new Bodnik Bows take-down bow. The Mohawk is a new take-down bow that cannot be beat in both price and performance. To this end, we will make a publication in the blog later this week. Even the Little Stick has received a facelift. In the new improved version, this great bow is made with bamboo limbs and will be even more powerful. As of March, the modified bow will be available under the name of Slick Stick and will replace the Little Stick.

A new tool to sharpen wooden and bamboo shafts has also attracted much attention. This tool can be applied accurately and appropriately even for bamboo shaft tips in the future.

Bearpaw Products ATA Trade Show

After the major producers of natural feathers increased prices in the double digits , many dealers and distributors have put their focus on the natural feathers from Bearpaw. The stable price and the sustained high quality convinces and inspires the informed customers.

Of course, the Bearpaw team has also used some of their time to visit the many attractions in Nashville and to experience the city of country music first hand. The Country Hall of Fame and Johnny Cash Museum are just two of the attractions this great city has to offer. The evenings were filled with many meetings and interesting conversations. Many good steaks and some excellent bourbons were the companions of these interesting evenings.

“We really enjoyed the days.”

Bearpaw Products has become an indispensable part of the great world of archery.

Full respect and recognition has been given to us by Rob Kaufhold, the president of one of the largest American distributors, because of our high quality, the looks and performance of Bodnik Bows .

More recognition and praise can surely not be given to our brand.

After all, it’s not for nothing that Byron Ferguson says:

“Bodnik Bows are great!”

Bearpaw Products ATA Trade Show

Bearpaw Products ATA Trade Show