Backstop Netting

Bearpaw Dura Arrow Backstop net

There is NO arrow Backstop net in the world that can guarantee 100% safety or protection. In our tests we documented the quality and level of safety of different arrow backstop nets that are on the market and published it. Our Bearpaw developers have been testing and optimizing arrow backstop nets for many years now. We made it our goal to increase the safety factor of the nets currently available. Along the way it has also been important to improve the cost-use ratio for the archers.

With this product we have been able to optimize the mesh structure, weight, material, weave pattern and size to achieve a high quality and high level of security.

The Bearpaw Dura Arrow Backstop net one of the safest nets in archery!

Even with this high quality safety product, NO product can guarantee 100% safety. Shoot throughs can still occur! Please, closely follow the safety and installation instructions that are included.


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Backstop Netting Dura Video: