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Bamboo Arrows on a Test Run

Bambuspfeile Bearpaw Products

When I heard that Bearpaw was starting to sell bamboo arrows, I immediately loved the idea! Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, and more durable than wood. When I first had the raw shafts in my hands, I also became aware that they are as light as carbon shafts (which I normally shoot), because they are hollow inside. But because it is somewhat more complicated to fletch and nock a bamboo arrow, and anyway I always take a lot of time for my arrows, I wanted to test the new material first, and got me five finished bamboo arrows from Henry.

The finished arrows are spined, fletched, and equipped with glue-on tip and selfnock. There are very aesthetically pleasing, simply beautiful arrows – even if I personally would make my arrows more colorful and fluffy;-).

Bambuspfeile Bearpaw Products

As with any change in material, they require some getting used to. And despite my consternation at the fact that I first hit nowhere near where I wanted, I noticed that the arrows group very nicely. At the end of the afternoon hit the target where I wanted them to hit and therefore I must frankly say:
The bamboo arrows are not only visually attractive and much more environmentally friendly than carbon. They are also much more robust than wood because of the general characteristics of bamboo, but are counted in tournaments in the longbow class as wood. Their flight characteristics are very similar to those of carbon arrows, because they are just as lightweight. And even if they are not perfectly round like a carbon arrow or a well-selected wooden arrow, they still fly totally straight.

Anyway, my new set of arrows will be made from bamboo. Now I must only think carefully exactly what color the feathers and tracers should have ;-).

Bambuspfeile Bearpaw Products