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Bamboo Shafts and Arrows by Bearpaw

Bearpaw Bambus Bamboo Schäfte Shafts

In the past two years we at Bearpaw have repeatedly tried and tested various bamboo shafts and arrows. Henry Bodnik personally repeatedly ruled against the bamboo products because quality and condition of the goods did not meet his expectations.

This year he had the opportunity to sit together with a manufacturer of bamboo arrows and to inspect his products personally in their production facility. Totally amazed at the quality, he decided to take these products into our product range for the many Bearpaw customers who demand them.

Bearpaw Bamboo Shafts and Arrows have 3 particular advantages:

1. Straightness and spine values are absolutely top class
2. All shafts are extremely sturdy and resistant
3. Production with heat treatment “carbonizes” the bamboo shafts and straightens them

The bamboo shafts are a natural product and are similar to carbon shafts in their flight behavior. As a special advantage we should point out the particular stability of the bamboo shafts – they are extremely robust. These are really great arrow shafts and arrows.
We point out, however, that you have to spend a little more time and accuracy to attach the fletching and tips.
Best feathered are the new Bearpaw Premium Bamboo Shafts of course with our new Super Glue.

The following products are now available in the Bearpaw Shop and at any well-stocked Bearpaw dealer:

Bearpaw Premium Bamboo Shafts
Spine values 30 – 65 lbs in 5 lbs groups
Price: 2.39 EUR each

Bearpaw Bambusschäfte bamboo shafts

Standard Bearpaw Bamboo Arrow I, II and III
3 different spine values of the finished arrows (30-35 lbs, 40-45 lbs, 50-55 lbs)
Price: 9.88 EUR each

Bearpaw Bambus Fertigpfeile bamboo arrows

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