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Bearpaw Actionwood now available!

Bodnik_BowsThe performance and quality of our Bodnik Bows are legendary throughout the world of archery. In order to maintain this and our unique Bodnik Bows 30 year warranty we use only the best materials.


Archers have high expectations of their individual bows when it comes to their aesthetics, materials, material combinations and of course functionality. Many archers and bow hunter like to express their own sense of style, beauty and functionality when looking for a bow. Over the last few months we have conducted extensive tests on numerous new materials and in the near future we will have a few surprises in store for you.

Firstly, we present to you the new Bearpaw Actionwood


Actionwood is used by many bowyers. Many individual layers are bonded together with epoxy glue in a complex process to produce a robust and low-torsion material. Via the use of this method it is possible to produce the wood in a variety of different colours. During dry firing tests it quickly became apparent to us that there was really only one supplier in which we would give our complete trust. Due to our 30 year Bodnik bows guarantee we can only accept materials that meet our exacting standards of quality and durability.39100-01

For this reason we feel that this exceptional material has earned the name “Bearpaw Actionwood“. Bearpaw Action Wood  “Made in the USA“

Bearpaw Actionwood_1

At Bodnik Bows we have already processed the first material combinations with the Bearpaw Actionwood and will very soon be able to offer the first bow models with these striking material designs. In a design meeting Henry Bodnik and Sandra van Ravenstein from Holland came up with the concept of the first “Pink Kiowa” with the new Bearpaw Actionwood. We will be able to see the images of this extraordinary bow in the very near future then it will be on its way to Sandra in Holland.


The Bearpaw Actionwood is now also available for all other bowyers via our online shop. We are sure that very soon our customers and partners from the world of bow building will be using Bearpaw Actionwood to astound us with new and amazing combinations.


Here is your direct link to Actionwood “Made in USA” in the Bearpaw Shop

Bearpaw Actionwood