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Bearpaw Backstop Netting

On the weekend the Bearpaw team was putting four Backstop nets through their paces. They were shooting with #28 and #53 bows from the distances of 10, 15, 18, 30 and 50 meters. You can see the details in a short documentary that we made during our tests. Below are 2 videos, each about 8 minutes long, the technical summary from Harald Fischer as well as several pictures taken during the testing.

.Here is the data sheet of the test results as an .xls file for downloading:
>>>click here<<<

.The results can be summarized as such:

  • In the category of “Arrow stoppage from all distances with both bow types” the Bearpaw Backstop net had the best results. Of the 120 arrows that were shot only 11% got through. The next best net had 28% pass throughs and the worst net 42% shots were NOT stopped.
  • For distances of 18 meters and greater the pass through rate for the Bearpaw Backstop net was between 3% and 4%, the others let up to 47% through.
  • An aged Bearpaw Backstop net (Type 1a – an old sample from 1Q/2010) displayed no significant deficiencies compared to a new net.
  • The following general statements do NOT apply to arrow stopping nets: “The higher the pull-rating for a bow, the easier the shoot through” –  “The shorter the distance to the net, the more shoot throughs”
  • These formulas are far more complex and are effected by a combination of factors including the bulk and structure of the net material on the one side and on the other side how the net is hung, the properties of the arrow and the type of bow (e.g. through this the combined kinetic energy of the arrow). Additionally it makes a difference if the arrow hits a ‘hill’ or ‘valley’ of the folds in the net.
  • With a high rate of hits in a small net area it cannot be ruled out that a hole might be hit. The measuring error that this causes appears to be small and negligible and is in the lower percentages.










Part One – German Documentary

Part Two – German Documentary