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Bearpaw Cup 2013 in Ellerbach

Last weekend, the 9th Bearpaw Cup took place here in Ellerbach. 190 participants took to the start and were rewarded with beautiful weather and, as most of the participants confirmed, a very well made track. The archery department of the TSV (sports club) Ellerbach ensured that all participants were fed and treated more than well. The mood was, despite the minor problems during enscriptions, all in all as good as the weather.

Bearpaw Cup Bow Targets 2013

Shortly after 10 o’clock the trail scouts accompanied the shooters to the start positions. At 10:45, the first arrows flew. On the parcours, which led through the woods and fields around the sports field at a full distance of 7.5 kilometers, the atmosphere was gorgeous. This was no wonder, the trail-builders knew how to optimally integrate the 3D-targets into the area and used all of the options they had very well. Many shooters then finished off the beautiful day on the country music festival. People would laugh and talk shop around the fire. Some even were hot stuff on the dancefloor.

Bearpaw Cup Bow Targets 2013

On Sunday, the participants started at 9:15. The second day of the tournament consisted of a hunter round. The team of TSV Ellerbach had been very diligent the evening before in changing the parcours accordingly. This day went as smoothly as the first and around 15 o’clock almost all shootershad returned. Most then waited curiously for the award ceremony. Around 4 pm it was time. The evaluation was completed and the winners were to be celebrated. That same evening the result list was online on the websites of the Ellerbach archers.

Bearpaw Cup Bow Targets 2013

Who now again wants to know exactly in which position they ultimately landed, the complete list can be downloaded here:

Bearpaw Cup Bow Targets 2013

Once again, Bearpaw and Longlife 3D Targets surpassed themselves with their generous sponsorship. Material prizes in the amount of approximately € 4,000.00 were handed over to the winning archers. Along with these were three prizes drawn from a lottery: firstly, a Longlife Hare went to Michael Mezger; secondly, a Longlife Javelina was won by Stefan Litzel, and thirdly, a Bearpaw Custom Bow worth approximately EUR 900,00 went to Roland Draxler. Once again a beautiful archery weekend went by way too fast. A cool, unique tournament that will be remembered for long.

We thank you all for these wonderful two days of the tournament. And one thing we can already promise you today: Next year will be even better! We already have some ideas so you can look forward to.

Here now are a few photos from Saturday on the Bow Targets Facebook page.

Bearpaw Cup Bow Targets 2013