Bearpaw Cup in Brazil – Videos and Winners

The Bearpaw Cup has grown to become a coveted international event. Traditional archers around the globe compete for the coveted win of this particular competition in a classification developed by Henry Bodnik. Just as the tournament tin Romania, the Bearpaw Cup in Brazil used the ‘kill score’. This rating counts only so-called “kill hits” with points. Hits that end up in the body zone of the 3D-target get penalty points. All distances and shooting positions were personally selected by Henry Bodnik. In each position, he tried to implement challenging and difficult shooting situations just like in hunting conditions.

To allow you to participate in the exciting experience of the Bearpaw Cup Brazil , Henry travelled with a small GoPro camera and captured many moments and scenes. Just click on the following link and accompany us on the first Bearpaw Cup Brazil.

The first Bearpaw Cup Brazil was initiated and organized by Raul Duwe. Raul Duwe is the representative and distributor of Bearpaw Products in Brazil. The owner of RD Arqueria has dedicated his life to instinctive archery. His place of residence and the location of his shop is in the city of Curitiba, about 100 kilometers from the sea .

Here you can go directly to the website of RD Arqueria in Curitiba:

On Friday and Saturday, Henry and Raul built the trail near Curitiba and integrated it into the beautiful Brazilian landscape. The scene of the traditional and instinctive archers in Brazil is a tender flower of a few enthusiastic people. Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik have made it their mission to spread the passion and knowledge of instinctive archery around the world. It could be done here in Brazil along with Raul’s pioneering work.

Bearpaw Cup Brazil Winner

Bearpaw Cup Brazil

“Instinctive archery connects people”

The best of the 3 different competition classes had to be determined among the nearly 60 tournament participants on Sunday in a 2 arrow round. All shooting situations were within the hunting range of up to 25 meters. The difficulties, however, were here the shooting positions or the difficult terrain. So in order to succeed, some of the situations had to be shot from a kneeling position or from other unusual shooting positions.

The 3 best archers of each class then had to compete against each other in the final shooting in the afternoon. Henry again came up with something particularly genuine, so that only instinctive archers could compete successfully.
Before the eyes of the other archers and spectators then a total of 5 shooting situations were shot by the finalists. The tension was palpable here and could be seen up close by each individual spectator.

After all, winning or losing meant to go home with 600 Euros prize money altogether.

At the end, one very happy Roberto Rodrigues Castro was distinguished as pure instinctive archer and could take the final victory and the bonus of 300 Euros from the hands of Henry Bodnik. Roberto won the final shooting for himself and shot a horsebow with horn backing.

Of course, true to style with a thumb ring.

In addition, more valuable prizes were raffled among all tournament participants.

Subsequently, the winners of the final shooting:

1. Roberto Rodrigues Castro
2. Emerson Baptista
3. Giovani Borba

For 2014, 3 more Bearpaw Cups are planned. Sweden and Romania are already scheduled. At the moment, planning and discussions are underway to hold a Bearpaw Cup in Wales.

With the provision of valuable prizes and cash awards, Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products want to say thank you and let all archers take part in the success of Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows!

Bearpaw Cup Brazil