Bearpaw Dealers Meet for the 8th Time


Every year there is a meeting of the Bearpaw dealers in February. Dealers and distributors from across Europe use this appointment to provide themselves with new information about Bearpaw and instinctive archery.

On 28th February and 1st March it is time to meet again!

The conference hall of Hotel Gasthof Steiner in Grossheirath (Bavaria) becomes the meeting point of the Bearpaw dealers. On both days, Henry Bodnik will lead his guests through the program and he’ll have some interesting topics on the agenda . For this year’s dealer conference , three topics will be important:

I. The new Bearpaw online shop and the new software of Bearpaw Products

II. A look behind the scenes at the production site of Bodnik Bows Germany (visiting the manufacture)

III. training course on proper arrow consulting, dynamic spine, static spine, and testing of raw shafts

Of course some new products will also be introduced and Henry Bodnik will answer questions arising from the Bearpaw dealers.
The Friday evening begins as usual with a champagne reception and buffet. Uwe Tesch will introduce the new online newspaper Instinctive Archery and give detailed information about its tremendous advertising opportunities.

Many traders use the meeting for personal conversations with Henry Bodnik and to test products directly and intensely.

Of course, the new Bodnik Bows Mohawk and Slick Stick will be presented and can be tested during the dealer meeting.

The direct contact between producers and distributors is an important foundation for a successful partnership. For Henry Bodnik and Bearpaw Products, the direct contact with their partners is essential and the concept of “Bearpaw Worldwide Dealer Network“ is more than just a phrase. Only in this way information can be exchanged to keep up a good long term cooperation and to continuously develop quality.