Bearpaw has improved their online network

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As stagnation means regression, we have improved our online information platform and adapted to the change of times. The Bearpaw Blog is widely known for its valuable information content and its frequent updates – but we are now improving again!

On the right sidebar of the blog, we have inserted a ‘short news’ section, in which – hot from the presses – all of our news and information shared on Facebook or Twitter can now comfortably, easily and quickly be seen here on the Bearpaw Blog.

Visit us on Facebook to get more current information about what we do. Accompany Henry Bodnik on his trip to Russia, or see the latest photos of our Bearpaw-Model search!

The “Like” button at the end of each news article is also new here on the Bearpaw Blog. Share important information with other fellow archers with only one click!
Obtain information about the “Article of the Week” – an article with a special discount for a week – such as currently the Eco 60cm disc! Visit us on Facebook and become a part of the Bearpaw community!

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