Bearpaw Honors The “National Gold Dealer”


Every year, Bearpaw Products awards the title of “National Gold Dealer” during the Bearpaw Dealer Conference.
Hereby, we honor partners and resellers, who have distinguished themselves through their outstanding achievements for the brand Bearpaw Products. Quality, service and loyalty to our brand must be at a high level.

This year this special award was given to the company BogenSportWelt (Archery World). Their managing director Rene Kliewe accepted the award from the hands of Henry Bodnik. Associated with this prize is the set-up of direct access to the shop of the BogenSportWelt directly from the Bearpaw Blog.

The company Bearpaw Products thanked the company BogenSportWelt for their great cooperation.

At this point we would like to give you some more information about the company BogenSportWelt:

Bearpaw Products Bogensportwelt

René Kliewe and Sven Stiemer founded BogenSportWelt in 2005 out of a hobby. Initially, the work was still realized alongside their studies. Since both owners graduated, they have expanded the company steadily. Over several stations in Stralsund, on Usedom and now in Anklam they have become the largest archery dealer in Germany.

The BogenSportWelt covers all aspects of archery from Compound to Olympic Recurve to Traditional Archery.
Since 2012, after several expansions, a total of 45 employees have worked on 7600m². Additionally, new extensions are planned for 2013. They are currently working hard on the extension of their retail shop with a brand new 800m² training center plus shooting range.

The main business of the BogenSportWelt is located in the retail area. Due to the existing demand, their dealer program has been continuously expanded as well. Many of the major manufacturers in archery appreciate BSW as a distributor for their products.

The company BogenSportWelt also devotes a lot of dedication a to the archery association. Among others, the DBSV 1959 e.V. is actively supported in their youth work. In addition, the ESV Rostock and the BSC Sprockhövel are sponsored. Many archery tournaments are funded by sponsorship. With Michael Zahnen (gold metal in the Traditional Recurve class in the Bowhunter-League 2012), the BSW has started to support a single shooter for the first time.

Next week, we will present the International Bearpaw Gold Dealer to you. I can already reveal here that a partner from Austria received this prestigious award.