Bearpaw is testing 3D Parcours!

Last week, the Bearpaw team was on the road again to put another 3D parcours to the acid test. The resulting film is currently in post-production and will be released on 24th September, 2012. Below, you will find a little teaser of our Bearpaw parcours test – Vol 2 – one or the other might already recognize where we were:

The Bearpaw parcours test – the background:

We, the Bearpaw Team, are known to set ourselves ambitious goals. We test the best 3D parcours for you and put our subjective opinion together with a lot of valuable information for archers on the internet for free. We do this, of course, in our popular video format.

The parcours are assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Atmosphere – How is the parcours integrated into the landscape? How is the “feeling” on the parcours?
  • Routing – Is finding your way around easy? How are the paths designed?
  • 3D-targets – Are there groups of animals? What is the condition of the 3D-targets?
  • Price-performance ratio – Is the money demanded adequate for what they offer?

Additionally, there are extra points for things that strike us as very positive, such as e.g. good internet presence, many moving targets, etc.

We are currently planning our parcours visits for the next half year – apply with us now, if you want your parcours to be tested by us! It doesn’t matter whether you have a parcours applied to a club or a retail store – get in touch with us!