BEARPAW Kill Tournament Serbia


“We welcome all archers from anywhere. We are one international tribe without borders. All archers with adequate equipment, regardless of their membership in a club or association, have the right to participate. Everyone who loves instinctive archery and has positive spirits is welcome.
(Boris Raki
ć – Organizer).

The BEARPAW Kill Tournament goes into the next round! We already have more than 150 registrations for the event from 05th to 06th October 2019 and can only allocate the last few seats. Together with the Strelicarski Klub NS 2002 Novi Sad, participants from all over the world and Henry Bodnik you can spend 2 exciting days in Serbia on a castle and outdoors. The BEARPAW Kill tournament has become an important part of the BEARAPAW PRODUCTS world and counts as one of “THE EVENTS” in the archery world. This year’s BEARPAW Kill Tournament is sponsored by:
BEARPAW PRODUCTS | Henry Bodnik | Longlife 3D Targets | Strelicarski Klub NS 2002 Novi Sad

Get one of the few free start spaces for the Serbian Kill Tournament! You want to be there? Get all info here!

We ask for timely registration, because the number of participants is limited. Please register by clicking the link to the registration form and entering your data there.


Cathegory 1
Bare bow – self bow. A bow made only of wood and the natural laminated bows made only from natural materials like sinew and horn.
With or without arrow shelf.
Mediterranean split finger grip or ring with a definite anchor point.
No string walking, face walking or any type of sighting metod.
Only wooden arrows are allowed.

Cathegory 2
Long bows and recurves that are shot over the shelf.
Fiberglas laminated bows are allowed in this category.
Shooting aids especially stabilizers are not allowed.
Mediterranean split finger grip or the ring with a definite anchor point.
Only wooden arrows are allowed.

Cathegory 3
Traditional Open.
Long bows or recurves that are shot over the shelf or arrow rest. Only fiberglass laminated bows are allowed in this category. Stabilizers can be used, but no longer than 12″.
Buttons, plungers, overdraws and similar items are not allowed.
Arrows can be made of any material.
One finger must touch the arrow – only definite anchor point. So three under grip is allowed but one finger has to touch the arrow. String walking or any other sighting metod is not allowed.Binoculars, monoculars and other types of optics (but without range finders or other equipment for range finding) are allowed.


Day 1
You may shoot two arrows per target. Both arrows are counted and added to the overall score.
First and second arrow hits in the kill zone count as ten points per arrow.
First and second arrow hits anywhere in the animal but out of the kill zone count as wounded animal and adds -2 points (minus two points).
Missing the animal or hitting it but without sticking arrow count as 0 points and doesn’t affect your score except losing the chance to gain some points.

Day 2
There is one arrow per target.
Hits in the kill zone count as 20 points.
Missing the kill zone but hitting the animal counts as -5 points.
Missing the animal is 0 points.


Friday 04th of October
Arrival at 4 AM, check-in and training from 5 AM to 7 AM.

Start of the tournament at 09:30 PM.
First part of the first round (day one) until 1 PM.
Lunchbreak from 1 PM to 3 – half past 3 PM.
From 3 – half past 3 PM until the end is the second part of the first round (day one)

From 09:30 AM to 1 PM second round (day two)
From 1 PM to 2-half past 2 PM lunchbreak. From 2-half past 2 PM until the end – the great finale.
The great finale is followed by the awards ceremony with prizes and a large tombola sponsored and organized by BEARPAW Products and Henry Bodnik.

The Final
The hree finalists of all categories except children under twelve (man and woman together) will compete on sunday afternoon before the awards ceremony.

1st. prize 500€
2nd. prize 300€
3rd. prize 100€

Registration fee
Children under 14 are free.
For the rest of the competitors the fee is 18€.
During the two days of the competition all participants are supplied with lunch and bottled water.

This announcement aims to inform all interested contestants in order to prepare and train in time. Also some minor changes in the protocol may occure.
The registration for the tournament will start on 20th of July and will be suspended 24 hours before the start of the tournament or after filling all places.

Your BEARPAW team