Bearpaw Kill Tournament Switzerland

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On the 14th and 15th of September 2019 it starts: The BEARPAW Kill Tournament in Switzerland (Baar). The BEARPAW Kill tournament has become an important part of the BEARAPAW PRODUCTS world and counts as one of “THE EVENTS” in the archery world. This year’s BEARPAW Kill Tournament is sponsored by:
BEARPAW PRODUCTS | Henry Bodnik | Longlife 3D Targets | Swiss Messebau

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We ask for timely registration because the number of participants is limited to 140 archers. Please register by e-mail with name, bow class and nation to the following e-mail address:
Please note: Registration is only definite when the amount has been transferred. It is the receipt of the payment.

Class 1
Bows made of natural material without fiberglass laminate. The arrows must be made of wood and shot over the back of the hand. Mediterranean anchor with a defined anchor point.

Class 2
Longbows and recurve bows, which are shot over the shelf. Arrows rests and stabilizers are not allowed. The arrows must be made of wood! Mediterranean anchor with a defined anchor point.

Class 3
Longbows and recurve bows, which may additionally be equipped with an arrow rest or a hunting stabilizer up to 12 inches in length. The arrows may be made of any material. A finger must carry the arrow, only a defined anchor point is allowed. Buttons / plungers and similar devices that affect the arrow reflex are not allowed.

1st day: 2 Arrow rating
Both shots count and are added
1st and 2nd arrow – kill | 10 points / arrow
1st and 2nd arrow – wounded | -2 points / arrow
1st and 2nd arrow – pale shot | 0 points / arrow

2nd day: Hunter rating
1st arrow – kill | 20 points
1st arrow – wounded | -5 points
1st arrow – miss | 0 points

The best three individual results of the different nations will be used for the Nations Cup.

Children – no minuses!

The ring must be cut!

False ratings are dishonest and will be disqualified!

The first three places of the youth and adult categories (women/men separate classification) entitle to participate in the final shooting – the pairings are drawn. The exciting final shooting takes place under the eyes of all participants and is always a special experience.

1st place / tournament victory | Premium: EURO 500.00
2nd place | Premium: EURO 300.00
3rd place | Premium: EURO 100.00

Following the award ceremony (including the nations classification), a generous raffle will take place with great prizes. The ranking does not matter – each participant present is entitled to pick up the natural prizes personally picked (bows, 3-D animals and archery accessories).

Children under 12 years: CHF 15.00 young people
12 – 17 years: CHF 28.00
Adults from 18 years: CHF 38.00
Family maximum contribution (2 adults, max 3 children / adolescents): CHF 100.00

The entry fee has to be paid well in advance to the following account:Bank details: Raiffeisenbank Merenschwand-Obfelden Account holder: Thomas and Karin Kaufmann BIC: RAIFCH22705
IBAN: CH41 8080 8008 3440 0261 0
Use: Bearpaw Kill Tournament + Name

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