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Bearpaw Leather and Textile Products Help People

All leather and textile products from Bearpaw Products are made in our subsidiary Bearpaw Products International in Sialkot under strict controls and guidelines.
Together with the two managing directors Sulman and Abrar, Henry Bodnik personally stands for high standards in the entire production line and thus guarantees the high quality of the entire product line.

Bearpaw Leder Pakistan

From May, 8th to 12th, 2013, Henry Bodnik was on the spot in Sialkot, in order to realize new developments, improvements and the high quality standards. The entire production is carried out at the highest level and taking into account current EC standards. For this purpose, all the necessary certificates and manufacturing processes are available. Henry Bodnik is regularly on site to supervise the requirements and their implementation.
The leather products of Bearpaw Products have been certified by the Veterinary Office of Fribourg, Germany. >>>click here<<<

Bearpaw Leder Pakistan

Extensive quality controls are an important station before the delivery to Bearpaw Products GmbH. Only through an accurate quality control before the shipment of products to Germany can consistent high quality be guaranteed.
Bearpaw customers are very special to us. You are important to us!

Bearpaw Leder Pakistan

The observance of ethical and economic principles in the production of their product line is particularly important to Henry Bodnik. Bearpaw products are intended to help improve the local living conditions.

– No employment of workers under 18 years of age;
– Higher than average wages of production workers at Bearpaw Products International;
– High quality and comfortable working conditions on site;
– Additional services (meals) in the workplace.

Bearpaw Leder Pakistan

“We at Bearpaw Products are proud to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions together with our partners in the company Bearpaw Products International in Sialkot.
We thank all staff for their great work, which is a major contribution to the success of our leather and textile products.” (Henry Bodnik)

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