Countdown is running…

Tomorrow (15.03.2019) the time has come: The BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER is finally LIVE!
We, the BEARPAW team, are very excited and cannot wait.

It is a heart project and also the solution for many things. The principle of our BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER is: Find and be found! It is the ultimate platform to connect our BEARPAW community.

What does this mean for you as a BEARPAW dealer, if you participate?

You can present yourself as a passionate and professional archery dealer and be part of a central search platform. Do all archery fans out there know that you have a shop or an exciting parcourse? Do you offer courses or do you organize great events? For these and more questions, our BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER is the answer! Because you can make all these highlights centrally available to all fans and customers.

What do you find as a BEARPAW fan …?

You want to find out where a BEARPAW dealer is in your area and want to know which events or tournaments are pending? That’s a lot of information and soon pretty easy for you to discover: The BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER presents you all the relevant BEARPAW locations and highlights in your area and shows you where you can go. And best of all: our BEARPAW LOCATION FINDER accompanies you everywhere, even on your mobile phone!
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