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Bearpaw Power Carbon Core

Bearpaw Power Carbon Core

On the 26th May Christoph Unger and Henry Bodnik went to visit the company that produces the Power Carbon elements for Bearpaw to verify the quality and grade of the product and to observe the production process. The carbon that Bearpaw uses is especially designed for bow construction and has several special and extraordinary properties. At Bearpaw these carbon elements are currently being used to fulfill special customer requests when building custom bows. We are happy that we were able to close a gap that we had with our raw materials. Listed below are a few of the important properties of our Bearpaw Power Carbon:

Bearpaw Power Carbon Core

1. Carbon structure
Our special Power Carbon has a unidirectional structure. In order to give the carbon extra special durability it is applied to a glass roving which has a thickness of 5/100th mm. The entire carbon band has a thickness of 0.5 mm. This makes it a carbon composite material through which this structure delivers extraordinary properties and compared to a normal carbon laminate is clearly more durable.

2. Improved performance
Using this carbon in the limbs of the bows stiffens them and sustains there flexibility. Hence forth we can reduce the core material of the limbs. This again significantly reduces the thickness and weight of the working limbs. Higher performance and arrow speeds are the result of the use of this optimized material. We expect a performance improvement of more than 10%.

3. Enhanced precision
The stiffened Bearpaw Power Carbon limbs minimize limb torsion. These higher precision limbs throw more accurately and is more forgiving. It follows naturally that higher achievement is the result. We think that this demonstrates the central advantages of using carbon laminates in bow construction.

4. Bend and throw characteristics
Bow limbs made with carbon laminates have their own bend and throw behavior. Arrow speed, noise generation and release conduct are most notable. The difference can be clearly felt.

Bearpaw Power Carbon Core


This carbon laminate will find its way into several Bodnik bows from Bearpaw in the future. For the same reason this laminate will be interesting for bow builders around the world and has been met with great interest. The company Kustom King Arrows has the responsible for the marketing of the Bearpaw Power Carbon in the USA.

Bearpaw Power Carbon Core