Bearpaw Power Glass is Crystal Clear!

36030-02Our Bearpaw Power Glass is a crucial component for the impressive performance and overall beauty of all our Bodnik Bows!

We have been diligently working on the transparency and performance of our clear fiberglass for over three years and finally we have achieved extraordinary success!

Our clear fiberglass is so clear it’s unbelievable!

So we proudly call it:

Bearpaw Crystal Clear Power Glass

  1. Crystal Clear transparency to let the beauty of the wood below shine through
  2. Crystal Clear through and through with no disappointing streaks
  3. High fiberglass content for optimum performance, speed, and stability


Many of the best bowyers around the world now use our Crystal Clear and our Pure Black Bearpaw Power Glass in their bows because they have tested it and have found it to be superior to all other fiberglass available anywhere!

Attention to all those currently using our Bearpaw Power Glass: We have made changes to the thickness of our fiberglass to adapt to the standard sizes preferred in the American market.

The fiberglass we previously offered in a thickness of 1.2 mm has been changed to 1.29mm! (0.050 inches)

This ensures that Bearpaw Power Glass is equivalent to the American standard of 0.050 inches. You will find all the technical data, details, and dimensions in our published data sheet pictured below.



Why then do we post here the details and the technical characteristics of our Bearpaw Power Glass?

Because it’s not enough to make fiberglass that is crystal clear so the natural beauty of the unique wood laminations can show through!

It is important to us to share the technical attributes of the Bearpaw Power Glass so archers, bowhunters, and bowyers around the world can see WHY our fiberglass is superior to all others and why our own line of Bodnik Bows are so beautiful and so extremely powerful!

We offer all sizes of Bearpaw Power Glass in strips of 1.85 meters as well as the rolls!

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Every single Bodnik Bow is made exclusively with Bearpaw Power Glass. This is the only way we have been able to offer our legendary 30 Year Bodnik Bows Guarantee!

  • The extreme performance of our Bodnik Bows can be felt in every shot!
  • The extreme transparency of our Crystal Clear Bearpaw Power Glass brings out the beauty and accents the natural grain of all beautiful wood laminations!
  • Even in an entire 100 meter roll of our Crystal Clear Power Glass you will seldom ever find even one streak – it is a rarity!

“I can not imagine my Bodnik Bows without Bearpaw Power Glass! They would not be the bows they are without this marvelous fiberglass. We are all fortunate that Bearpaw Products has been able to work together with our manufacturer to develop the best fiberglass for building bows in the world. Bearpaw Power Glass is the choice of top bowyers throughout the archery world!” (Henry Bodnik)

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