Bearpaw Powerglass is Crystal Clear

powerglas_1Bearpaw Products manages a breakthough with Clear glass!

The development of our Bearpaw Powerglass started 3 years ago and has now been successfully completed. The outstanding properties of our Bearpaw Power glass are the basis for the tremendous performance of our Bodnik Bows. Without this special glass for the production of our bows we could never grant our unique Bodnik Bows 30 year warranty. With the latest breakthrough we will be able to produce absolutely clear and transparent clear glass in the future.

powerglas_10The produktion and quality control of the Bearpaw Powerglass has taken a quantum leap forwards!

Together with Jim Belcher, owner of Bearpaw USA, OMG and Sky Archery, Henry Bodnik took a look at the production on site and got an overview of the new production and control process!


Every single step is important and is constantly monitored. Only by doing this can we realize the high quality standards in terms of technical and optical properties of the Bearpaw Powerglass.

powerglas_3The tension and quality of each glass strand significantly adds to the quality and performance of the Bearpaw Powerglass! Also part of the manufacturing is our great capital in terms of the knowledge and experience of the people involved.

powerglas_2 Ultimately it was many individuals who made this big step possible to take the clarity, transparency and brilliance of Bearpaw Powerglass glass into a new dimension!

powerglas_9We are proud of our achievements and how far we have come! We have taken huge steps to realize this great result! Our perseverance and the use of technicians, engineers, workers, archers and our management team has made this a great success. The active exchange of knowledge and experiences of Henry Bodnik, Tim Cosgrove, Jim Belcher and the technicians has enabled us to be able to produce this unspeakably clear glass. We had to invest in completely new production technology.

powerglas_7Thanks to all those who participated in making this huge leap forward a reality!

Bearpaw Powerglass  is a joint product of experts from Germany, Austria and the USA!

Bearpaw Powerglass is the glass of choice for bowyers!


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