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Bearpaw Products and Rose City Archery have formed a perfect partnership!


Today we have great news for all our business partners and all our friends in traditional archery.

True to the motto “What belongs together,grows together”, we set a goal for 2018 at Bearpaw Products to find the best source of Port Orford cedar shafting, arguably the best wood for wooden shafts ever made, for our dealers and friends in traditional archery. Today we are proud to announce that we have realized this goal. All dealers of Bearpaw products and our customers will now have access to high quality Port Orford cedar arrow shafting.

Due to the excellent arrow quality and the great flight characteristics of cedar, it has been very popular with traditional archers for many decades. In the past there were always problems with getting a reliable supply, especially for the European market.

That’s why Bearpaw Products decided to find a way to offer a reliable source of cedar – so we could provide the traditional archery market a readily available supply of the highest quality cedar shafts!

Rose City Archery and Bearpaw Products are now working side by side to make high quality Port Orford cedar arrows and shafting available to the world.

The relationship between Rose City Archery and Bearpaw Products has always been close, due to the personal friendship of Kate and Jerry Dishion, the owners of Rose City Archery with Henry Bodnik.

Through the years there have been very intense discussions that paved the way for this far-reaching partnership between Rose City Archery and Bearpaw Products.

In January of this year, there was a face to face meeting between Tim Beier of Bearpaw Products and Kate and Jerry Dishion of Rose City Archery. Together they laid the foundation for this far-reaching partnership.

As of 03-03-2018 Bearpaw Products is the exclusive importer of Rose City Archery cedar outside of the US!

We are pleased to welcome all of Rose City Archery’s dealers to Bearpaw Products. We promise to give Rose City Archery’s distribution partners and Port Orfort Cedar distributors and dealers a new lease on life. We will work hard on our promise of premium quality and high in-stock availability..


As the world market leader in traditional archery, we have set ourselves 3 important goals for the cedar arrow shafts!

  • To ensure high availability of cedar wood shafts and cedar wood arrows.
  • To share information about the great properties and characteristics of cedar wood arrows.
  • To offer the best premium quality cedar wood arrows to the European market.

Let us share with you an exciting key point of what we will be offering in the way of Rose City Archery Port Orford cedar shafting!.

Because we know that wood arrows 30″ long with work for most of the traditional archery shooters we have made a special deal with Rose City Archery for 30″ Port Orford cedar shafts. These premium quality 30″ cedar shafts are already in production and we are going to be able to offer them to you at unbeatable low price! They will soon be shipped to us and when they arrive we will have a fantastic supply of premium quality cedar in all the major spine values.

Premium quality cedar wood shafting in 30″ and 32″ lengths 

Coming soon in 5/16″ diameter

  • < 30 lbs
  • 30- 35 lbs
  • 35 – 40 lbs
  • 45 – 50 lbs

Coming soon in 11/32″ diameter

  • 40 – 45 lbs
  • 45 – 50 lbs
  • 50 – 55 lbs
  • 60 – 65 lbs
  • 65 – 70 lbs

We’ll let you know when the Port Orfort Cedar Shafts and Cedar Wood Arrows will be available from both our dealers and directly from Bearpaw Products.

In addition, we look forward to providing you soon with informational material and video clips from and with Henry Bodnik, all based on the P.O. cedar we will be selling.

Your Bearpaw Products Family