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Bearpaw Products at the ATA Show 2016

ATA_2The ATA Show is the largest archery fair in the world. The ATA (Archery Trade Association) is an organization for all of the well known and globally operating producers and distributors. Archery in America is enjoyed by more than 20 million people and is a huge part of the leisure sports and hunting scene. The Bearpaw Products brand and Henry Bodnik have made the journey across the Atlantic to this international trade fair for more than 5 years now and have established themselves as important exhibitors.

ATA_1By European standards It’s difficult to imagine how huge the ATA show is in reality. More than 600 exhibitors attended the trade fair this year which has made it a huge event for dealers and manufacturers and helped turn the spotlight on the international archery industry.

ATA_3The 2016 ATA show opened its doors from 5th – 7th Jan and is a trade fair exclusively accessible to traders. Henry Bodnik flew over with his Bearpaw team on 3rd January to build the Bearpaw Products booth and to design the exhibition space.


Bearpaw Products in the center of attention

Together with a German inventer Henry Bodnik presented a fresh approach to Spine Technology at the 2016 ATA show. International patents are pending for this new digital spining device. The revolutionary spining process and the digital representation of the measured data have thrilled the specialist audience and the international big names of archery.

ATA_9We will be able to post further details and a full report soon. There will also be reports in future archery magazines issues about the new Bearpaw Products spine technology.

ATA_7International discussions, contact with manufacturers and major customers are the cornerstone of the ATA show for Bearpaw Products. We would like to share a few pictures to give you an idea of the atmosphere here in Louisville.

ATA_14Every year at the ATA show we look forward to working together with Byron Ferguson and of course we’re always happy to welcome him to our Booth! We produce the superb Heavy Hunter Carbon shaft for Byron Ferguson. We were able to discuss the final details of the new generation of heavy and robust carbon shafts at the ATA show . We will soon be able to post a full report with a close look at thze new shafts.

ATA_11Bowhunting is the motor that drives archery in the US. The show is filled with offers for bow hunting.

ATA_10The selection of compound bows is hard to overlook. The development and the offerings of various manufacturers determine the nature of the ATA Show.

ATA_12With Top Hat we had a second manufacturer from Germany that has broken into the international markets with its products and it’s name for excellent quality.

ATA_13Of course, we are delighted that our new products have been received so enthusiastically. The triumph of our leather and textile products continues. The rigorous work done in quality and functionality are reflected in the success of our great brand once again.

ATA_15Some of the new products are already available through our Bearpaw Shop. The quality of our new Penthalon Hunter Extreme Carbon arrows have proven to generate some special attention. Producing a thicker carbon arrow (ID .245) with a spine value of 800 in this quality has been a major challenge. Take a look at our carbon shafts.


Link to Penthalon Carbon Shafts