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Bearpaw Products discontinues doing business with Abbey Archery!

Effective immediately! Bearpaw Products  is no longer doing business with Abbey Archery in Australia. The company – Abbey Archery in Australia – is no longer a member of the Bearpaw Worldwide Dealer Network.

Differences in the handling of; customer service, consulting, and communication among business partners forced us to make the decision to drop Abby Archery from our worldwide dealer network.

To all of our customers and fans of the Bearpaw brand in Australia, if you have any questions regarding ordering, or any other services please contact Dave McGuire of the firm, Archery Bug. We welcome our Australian customers to contact us, Bearpaw Products Germany, directly if they would prefer.

Bearpaw Products Contact in Australia:

We have been working well with Dave and his company Archery Bug for quite some time. We are certain that he is working hard to properly represent the Bearpaw Products brand and that he sincerely has the best interests of the bowhunters of Australia at heart. Together we have a strong partnership! (Henry Bodnik)

Here at Archery bug Australia Quality just doesn’t happen we create it. Bearpaw Products and Henry Bodnik also share the same values = Customer service second to none, Quality and performance that can’t be beaten. (Dave McGuire)

19250846_1279964522120918_804922868592631161_oPositive and constructive cooperation with our customers and suppliers is what solidifies a strong partnership with Bearpaw Products.

It is important for all of our worldwide dealers to honor the spirit of the Bearpaw Products philosophy by offering customer service excellence at all times. Our international Bearpaw dealers have the responsibility to take care of business according to the standards set by the Bearpaw brand all around the world. When our worldwide partners service their customers, when they handle complaints – they way they treat their customers is a direct reflection on the Bearpaw brand. It is up to each and every dealer to provide excellent customer service at all times. This is what builds and maintains the good reputation of the Bearpaw brand around the world. We must be consistent on this, our customers deserve it!

Unfortunately we can not control this 100%. We rely on the help and the feedback from the retail customers who are loyal fans of the Bearpaw brand. If they are pleased with the service they are receiving from their dealers they should let us know. Likewise, if they are NOT PLEASED with the service they are receiving from any specific dealer – they should let us know as well. In this way we can take steps to ensure that ALL customers and fans of the Bearpaw brand are receiving the good service and are being treated in the manner that they deserve!

Send feedback to our Bearpaw Service department by email:

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